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About Mageside

Mageside is Magento Dev

At Mageside we do Magento development. It is our passion. Magento work is our focus, our seasoned skill and what we really enjoy. Since 2013 we have developed over 170 projects from start to finish, and an untold number of fixes, upgrades, repairs and optimizations.

Mageside quality code is fast, efficient, and safe

From the day we started, “quality code” has been the guiding principle at Mageside. Every Magento store owner has a list of requirements that is unique… but there are some requirements that every store owner demands: “I want a site that is fast, that is easy to use, and a code-base that is safe for our company and our customers.” We agree and have made these requirements the foundation of all our work.

Mageside staff is seasoned, motivated and friendly

The Mageside team of Magento certified developers is skilled, experienced, and highly motivated to provide the best available Magento solutions. Our expertise allows us to focus on you, the Magento store owner. We are friendly and actively interested in your project, not just another install. That said, our most powerful allies are our previous clients and many successfully completed projects they represent. Be sure to look at our portfolio, and our team’s UpWork feedback.

Mageside is your personal development team

We apply an individual approach to every client’s needs and use creative problem solving methods to get the best possible results. In the end, the highest reward for us is to have earned your trust.

Please get in touch! We’d love to help with your Magento project.

Our Team

  • Oleksandr Malichenko

    Sr. Magento 2 Developer
  • Svitlana Sabishchenko

    Project Manager
  • Oleksandr Soldat

    Magento 2 FE Developer
  • Roman Tkachenko

    Sr. Magento Developer
  • Rostyslav Sabishchenko

    CEO, Team Leader
  • Yana Karhapoltseva

    QA Engineer & Writer
  • Victor Tkachenko

    Magento 2 Developer
  • Dmitry Shifrin

    Magento Developer
  • Sofia Narizhna

    UX & UI Designer
  • Igor Skyba

    Magento 2 Developer
  • Sergiy Lutcenko

    Magento 2 Developer
  • Sergiy Simonenko

    Magento 2 Developer
  • Vоlоdymyr Kosenko

    Magento 2 Developer
  • Victor Bodenko

    Magento 2 Developer
  • Olha Bohatchuk

  • Yulia Yosipenko

    Support manager
  • Yrii Shyfrin

    Magento 2 Developer
  • Valentin Strokan

    Magento 2 Developer
  • Katherine Iskra

    Marketing Specialist
  • Alexey Panteleychuk

    Magento 2 Developer
  • Anastasia Kushnir