Using the unique packing box for the product is one way to increase sales of an online store. The original package design, labels, and other elements play an essential role in brand recognition, and identification. Mainly it requires some additional costs for the business. But alluring packaging can increase your profit.

And now we will talk about this in detail.

American marketer Jack Trout claims that product packaging is just as important as the product itself, and sometimes even more critical. It isn't easy to disagree because the buyer first notices the packaging and after the product itself.

The primary purpose of packaging, aside from the protection role, is to create a positive impression. In this case, the client will remember the brand for a long time. 2020 sets its own rules for creating packaging box and label designs.

Currently, four main trends are relevant:

  • Minimalism
  • The concise design has been a trend for a long time. Currently, the buyer has too much information and advertising. And experts say: "Brevity is the soul of wit."

    The ability to express the individuality of a product on a small label, to report all the necessary information on it, and not to forget about the brand identity is simply invaluable.

  • Transparent packaging
  • Nike_air_max_boxIt is a translucent or glass container through which you can see the product. This material is the best packaging option for food. A fantastic example of transparent packaging made the world-famous company, Nike. Nike launched the sale of Nike Air sneakers, not in traditional boxes. They used plastic bags with air. Its an original, stylish, and very concise design.

    Packing Nike Air sneakers

    What are the advantages of such a packaging solution?

    • attracts attention;
    • shows personality;
    • may reflect corporate identity;
    • focuses on "airiness" as model ideas;
    • functionally.
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Eco-friendly materials are becoming increasingly popular. These packages can be recycled or quickly decomposed without harming the environment. Such materials are paper or cardboard, cotton, and linen, biodegradable materials with corresponding marks.

    Paul Hawken wrote the book called "The Ecology of Commerce," where he provides facts to convince companies that this ethical and recycling packaging materials could be a big plus.

  • Storytelling
  • Successful brands always try to tell and show customers the story of their product. They use interesting facts, personal attitudes, visual images, etc. There is nothing new, just psychology with marketing combined. But through this emotional connection, people will remember the product for a long time.

    Did you know that a customer creates the first impression of a product in 100 milliseconds? The packaging box gives the first tactile experience with your brand. Another important point.

    Active shoppers are 15% more likely to repeat their purchases precisely because of the attractive packaging and the ability to use it for photos on social networks. It's a good example when packaging works for the image. Thus, the unique packaging creation can be considered not as yet another expense item, but as a marketing investment.

Five tips on how to create the best packing box

  1. Determine who your customer is.
  2. The task of marketing is to influence the target audience to encourage buying. You can develop an expensive super-box designer, but it will be unnecessary for your customers. Your customers may be interested in environmentally friendly packaging (the ability to use it in everyday life); strength (this applies to fragile goods). Or, on the contrary, lightness: the ability to open a box quickly and dispose of it.

    Packaging design can and should changes according to the season, holidays, customer status (for example, for regular customers, you can enter "golden" gift boxes). It's a vast field for imagination.

  3. Define a budget.
  4. Packaging_box Count how much the original packaging cost for your product. Perhaps you should consider an adjacent option. For example, to sell holiday packages or designer boxes separately. The original packing box can serve as the main element for holding many engaging promotions. For example, make competition for the unique photo with your box. Such contests may be the best way to promote your brand in social media.

  5. See what your competitors are doing.
  6. Let's pay attention to how other online stores pack their products. But don't repeat, do better! Packaging should have been logical. Bright or, on the contrary, pastel colors, fonts, pictures, shape, original printed stamps, posted information should correspond to the product, harmonize with it.

  7. Consider how packing box can emphasize product value.
  8. Use the slogan, wishes for the holidays, useful information related to the product. And even a funny picture for a good mood. The main goal is to show the value of your product for your customers and forever connect their feelings with your brand.

  9. Highlight product features
  10. If the product is somehow related to the environment, use green colors. If you sell something original, bright, you can play in contrast.

    Try to apply:

    • touch elements;
    • pleasant smells;
    • specific fabrics and materials (e.g., wood).

On top of that, your packaging is an excellent opportunity to put additional promotional materials, congratulatory letters, cute gifts, and more into the box.

Thus, we can say that wrapping up the order is becoming one of the critical elements of the strategy for building the company's positive image. The unique packing box makes the order as personalized as possible. And this, by the way, is one of the essential trends in the field of e-commerce this year.