Every webstore owner wishes to sell more. Here is a few basic advice what points should be reconsidered on what you should not forget to do.

1. Website performance.

Website performance is the key factor that defines the usability of your web store. If you have slow pages on your web store, do not expect a high ranking in search engine results. Google prefers sites those pages load within 2 or 3 seconds.

Cute Visitors often are not waiting for loading slow pages, that means that you have no chances even to show your products. So this is the first and maybe the most important step — make your website faster.

How to optimize your website?

  • Optimize product image sizes.
  • Use quality code only.
  • Optimize your database.
  • Compress CSS and JavaScript files.

It seems like common phrases, well-known information, but somehow many vendors still pay no attention to that issues. Every website has its own weak point that requires a permanent work for improving.

2. Clarify your checkout process

No doubts that a checkout page is a strategic object in your selling process. Filling up all required fields often perceived by a shopper as a work he has to do. That’s why almost all abandoned shopping carts appearing because of the complex shopping process. Don’t make your customers receive a bad experience or spend an extra minute, take care of them. Make your checkout process short and intuitive. Try to reduce the number of checkout steps to the minimum required. Today many website owners use to compress checkout to a single page with the help of Magento extension. A nice one — One Page Checkout for Magento 2, you can download here .

3. Free shipping.

Shipping is a very important part of your webstore life. No matter The Parcelwhat type of products do you sell, users always like free shipping as a bonus to a good purchase. When the customer sees free shipping, that encourages him or her to add more items to the basket, it turns to you in rising conversion rate. Free shipping also can easily increase traffic to your store.

Another shipping point is to show on your site exactly the time of shipping the parcel. When the customer knows the right time of delivery, it makes him or she think that the purchase is already done and it’s time to plan how and when to use the property.

The most powerful extension for shipping customization is Shipping Matrix Rates.

4. Provide more Payment Options.

Customers always desire to earn safe and secure experience from visiting any store. You can grand this by providing more payment options. If you have global multistore, you have to give your customers a choice how to pay.

In fact, half of the people prefer online shopping because of the wide variability of products provided by websites, payments methods are not the exception. Your customers deserve a good choice.

5. Send Newsletters.

Here the logic is simple: The Mail build a strong email marketing strategy, create newsletters, send them to different customers groups and see how your sales increasing.

  • While creating an email template, consider how to give your potential customer a reason to buy the item from your store.
  • Create only informative newsletters to encourage your audience.

You can use some module to gather information about your customers. Try Multiple Custom Forms extension and figure out what your customers really need. (The example how to create a custom form you can find here.)

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. Paul J. Meyer


No doubt, that Magento is the most customizable e-commerce platform ever been. Use all power of Magento to build the most popular, attractive, and interesting online store. Don't be afraid to implement some extraordinary things. Don’t ignore the tips above and use your creativity — Magento is always opened to the new ideas. If you have some questions write a comment below or contact us .