One key thing about e-commerce trends is the special mode of operation and the methods through which they are provided. Online shopping is gaining a lot of ground. It is now a popular method to purchase goods. This is why we are seeing different changes in e-commerce. Digital transformation is key to a successful business. A lot of times, different companies fold up due to a lack of innovation or a wrong choice of technology. Different suppliers of goods have to be able to meet up with the demands of customers. There are top 4 e-commerce trends 2019 that will rule We would like to show them to you. They include:

Responsive web design

In recent times, it is essential for the website to be compatible with mobile devices. Because today people make a lot of purchases from their mobile phones. This is a process that can be done from any location at any time. The trends listed in this article will be a guide for you in 2019. They are different areas you should work on to increase your chances of success.

Multichannel Integration

Commercial structures need to quickly adapt to different market changes. This means there would be a continuous improvement in different commercial operations. Multichannel integration involves the use of different channels. Online store owners name use of marketplace, social networks, product comparison systems. Effective technology can lead to faster processing and higher turnover. Consequently, this will simplify the life of the client and allow for easier management.

Self-service portal

The self-service portal involves a series of functions that allow customers to solve problems personally on the company's website.

The portal is quite easy to use and it allows customers to quickly deal with minor issues.

    The opportunities provided by the self-service portal include:
  • saves time and reduces the need for interaction between users and administrators;
  • allows for more economic efficiency of the company's information systems and reduces the cost of maintaining IT infrastructure.

Cognitive Trading

Customer orientation is a not a new concept but has become a trend. Customer personalization and creating a special shopping experience is set to be even more important. A buyer will most likely return to a store where he was made to feel special and recognized. According to Accenture's Interactive study online survey, 56% of shoppers would prefer to make purchases at stores that know their names. Also, 54% would also provide data to receive special offers.

If they are searching for a product on the site, the store will immediately offer different choices of products. This is a process that involves research and complex algorithms. It allows store owners to be able to predict the actions of the buyer and recommend different products and services for him. This means that cognitive trade goes just beyond personalization.

So, using the Amazon example, we see a clear instance of how cognitive trading works. The company uses a special delivery method. The delivery process predicts what, when and from whom it will be purchased. Thus, by doing this, the company can learn more about the behavior of the buyer. This strategy helps to optimize the relationship with the client.

Thus, the trends listed in this article will help you determine in which direction you should work to boost sales growth. How to increase the competitiveness of your business. Analyze all current e-commerce trends 2018 and top 4 e-commerce trends 2019. Start applying them in your business today.

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