Black Friday is an essential mega-anticipated day of the year for the all eCommerce world. Stores from all over the world take part in the sales race.

The origins of the event started in the United States. The shopping boom comes right after Thanksgiving day and opens the season of traditional Christmas holiday discounts. According to US statistics, more than 80 million people take part in shopping on this day.

Therefore, Black Friday sale is a great chance to increase customer loyalty, high up own sales, or promote a new brand for any store. A few months before, every store is compiling a list of items for sale, preparing shop windows or online store functionality for intense interest, and just planning the whole event.

Black Friday 2020 will require even more responsibility from the organizers because, first and foremost, it requires a lot of safety measures for customers through this pandemic. Therefore, certain restrictions appeared in addition to the usual troubles: mask mode, reduced number of visitors, distance in queues, etc.

Every store strives to create safe conditions for their sales even to be possible. Therefore, in the pandemic, the most popular way to do it would be online sales. Due to the long-term abandonment of shopping (as most people have done), Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to restart the business, sell outdated collections, and increase customer activity.

Are you ready for the Black Friday sale? For e-commerce, it is essential to prepare the ore for a crazy online sale. The Mageside team knows how to create an online business before Black Friday. So, how to start?

Preparing for high load sales

Planning those sales are not only time consuming but also requires making some new decisions. You need to meet the needs of your customers to increase your income. Choose a specific incentive that will attract buyers. Use cross-sells with products that complement each other. Consider building loyalty to your store.

We have prepared a list of the top 5 extensions for an online store and organizing sales. You can start improving your business right away.

Top 5 Global Sale Extensions

Sale category Pro

Sale _category_pro It is essential for any customer to find the necessary information as quickly and easily as possible, for example, a list of discounted products. This module combines discounted products into one category, which can then be on the menu. On the sale category editing page, there is a setting for selecting products in a variety and distributing products into groups based on their price, type, etc. Also, you can easily set the end date of the sale.

And also exclude groups of people for whom the discount does not apply. For example, this rule you can use for unregistered users. You can find more details about our module here.

Sale countdown

Sale_Countdown Marketers claim that with a countdown timer for a product, sales are more active. The "Sale countdown" module can be useful for you if you need to notify visitors about the time remaining before the end of the promotion. You can apply the countdown counter to all or just specific products. The counter has several convenient features that allow, for example, to select the counter's display time, edit its appearance, display the timer's name, and set the product's sale end date.

Coupon code link

Coupon code People love discounts. What could be better than a surprise in the form of a coupon from your favorite store? You can use coupons on emails, social media, blogs, or other ways you'd like. It could be the best way to advertise your store. The "Coupon code link" can be on any selected page of your store. The coupon automatically applies in the cart after the purchase with a link to the product. It's convenient, isn't it?

People are happy to take advantage of the apparent benefits of coupons. For example, in the United States, about 80% of American families shop by using coupons.

Promotion message

Promotion message Most popular hardware, clothing, and footwear stores keep the intrigue to the last minute and announce their discounts the day before or directly on Black Friday. Are you looking to arrange a sale and still don't know how to report it? Then the best solution for you would be the "Promotion message" module. A promotional message directly connects with the buyer and an excellent way to increase the order. Sale announcements are a nice bonus for the client.

The administrator sets the discount rules and the client purchases on favorable terms. Thus, the average check of the store increases. The administrator can set an advertising message on different store pages and in other parts of the page.

Bulk price updater

Bulk price Do you have many products and don't know how to set discount prices for Black Friday? The automatic price update module will help you quickly prepare your store for any sale. It is the best way to be on time for the upcoming holidays. Edit prices by category; this significantly speeds up the pricing process. Also, the "Bulk price updater" module has the function of rounding and changing the cost by the percentage. If you plan to arrange a sale, this module will optimize the entire process of price changes.


Some extensions help save time; others speed up data update processes and some work for customer loyalty. The rest of them can help you apply marketing strategies or keep them in order. There is a solution for any task because there are many convenient and useful Magento2 modules for e-commerce stores.

Today we have presented the top 5 Mageside modules, which can be useful for you on the eve of Black Friday. If you don't see the feature you are looking for in this post, go to the Magento2 Extension Store and do a quick search. You will most likely find several extensions that can simplify the sales process for your store.

If you want to know more details about the modules or need help to find the best solution, write to us. The Mageside team is always in touch.