Brands of all Sizes and all Industries that uses the Magento ecommerce platform

Every ecommerce platform takes pride in the success of its customers. Though it's challenging to list customers' achievements, the ecommerce platforms should post some indicators as evidence that they earn actual success. The number and variety of satisfied customers significantly contribute to the reputation, which in turn, attracts more and more new ones.

You’ll find a list of powering Magento ecommerce clients on the official Magento site. You'll be impressed by their combination of lightness and functionality. Let's see those examples in detail.

  • HP

  • HP is a technology company born based on the belief it should make the world a better place. With over 80 years of action, they prove the intention to build a community where innovation drives extraordinary contributions to humanity. They presented a wide range of technologies in their online store that is based on Magento. Product and service portfolio of personal systems, 3D printing solutions and printers; products for business and the whole block for the great support - all of that and many more HP established on the user-friendly website. Just check it out: HP!

  • Liebherr

  • The deep roots of the Liebherr company go back to 1949, when ingenious talent and creativity were called for during the reconstruction of Germany after the Second World War. Liebherr is a manufacturer in many fields, from commercial refrigerating systems to products for mining, construction and transportation sectors. For example, gantry robots from Liebherr are designed to automatically fulfill various loading and transport tasks with workpiece weights from 0.5kg to 1500kg.

    Such impeccable and high-tech products and services must correspond with a professional and user-friendly website, so the client could immediately see the efficiency and qualification in every detail. The choice of Magento to create a site of this quality isn’t accidental. Check it out here: Liebherr.

  • Rossignol

  • For over 100 years, Rossignol has been the benchmark in winter sports and one of the most iconic French brands globally. Rossignol offers ski gear, designer winter suits, jackets, pants, shirts, shoes and other sport gear. Rossignol's athlete-driven technical innovations in alpine skis, and snowboards keep pushing the boundaries of what skiers can achieve.

    The name Rossignol also adorns Magento's clients list. The number of products and their orderliness will please the eye of even the pickiest perfectionist. Moreover, a robust community unites professionals and amateurs and needs to be powered by the best practice of joining through the internet. Did they manage to solve this difficult task? It's your decision: Rossignol. But it seems we already know what you will answer ;)

Magento's official site doesn't have a complete list of successful project examples based on Magento and Magento 2. Therefore, we have selected even more examples for you below. For example, what do you think of when you hear the name "Ford"?

Magento is home for brands
  • Ford

  • Many of you may know Ford as a family company that values service to each other and the world as much as to their customers. The company owns Jaguar Cars and Land Rover (among other brands), and they’re also Magento users and members of this global community. Ford has a presence on every continent except Antarctica, where the penguins, obviously, aren’t the most reliable buyers of new SUVs. Over the entire period of existence, it ranks 4th place in the world in output.

  • Nike

  • The Nike store features the updated, most innovative products from the world-renowned sports brand. While Nike provides their clients with a wide range of offers, its official website is little more than an online catalog. Nike has been using Magento Enterprise Edition to build their online store for worldwide selling of their shoes and apparel from any part of the world.

  • Olympus

  • Olympus Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer whose main products are medical and optical equipment. In 2014, it was the world's 9th largest camera and 10th largest lens manufacturer by sales.

    Olympus has one of the most well-crafted Magento websites in the world! They have a custom-built theme implemented with some of the best features that an ecommerce website could have. Their website is designed to promote all of their products and services as well as giving even more marketing information about Olympus's various manufacturing capabilities.

  • Louboutin

  • Christian Louboutin is a world-famous shoe brand with an elegant and luxurious flavor. The classic Christian Louboutin is a symbol of style and uniqueness. There’re very few shoes models that can be considered iconic, but the high hill shoes with red soles are definitely one of them. This specific red sole and the curled shape toe became the most recognized feature of Christian Louboutins and quickly became its trademark.

    Christian Louboutin brand uses the Magento platform for their online store, so this is the one more great example of using Magento from a respectable brand.

  • Ahmad Tea

  • Ahmad Tea sells premium quality loose leaf tea to most of the world with standard international shipping options. Customers can buy different kinds of teas from this shop. The history of this legendary company started in 1979 when Mr. Rahim Afshar decided to onboard the tea trade.

    Mr. Afshar and his brothers have spent years developing a product packed with flavor and at a sensible price. He built a tea business based on his family's history and knowledge of packing and blending tea. There’s no doubt that the history of this brand has been tested through the years. Ahmad Tea products have an excellent reputation, and the company is valued by its customers. It can be assessed as the highest praise and trust that this company has chosen Magento as their online store platform for their representation.

    When you visit the site, you’ll literally be able to feel the aroma of tea! Magento's capabilities allow us to implement a bold combination of design solutions, technical qualifications for the convenience of site visitors, and ease of management of all processes from the admin panel in the background of the online store.

To sum up, Magento is a powerful ecommerce shopping platform that enables global online businesses to create, manage and grow their online store. It helps significantly reduce development costs while allowing to launch new features in little time through flexible ready-to-use functionality, aka Magento extensions.

Perhaps relying on their extensive experience and the practice of growing a website on Magento, proven over the years, can help you boost your trust in Magento. Magento Community will never leave you alone with the challenges!