The world is evolving at a rapid rate. The globalization of the world and the rapid changes in fields such as technology, economy, cultural, policy and so on are quite related. As you would expect, this changes, affect the business world as well. If you are currently running a successful business, you should not decide to just sit and monitor your business. This may prove to be a costly decision if carried out. Businesses seem to reduce in value by just maintaining their position. Every form of successful business needs to evolve and this is a common saying. The best form of business development strategy has to deal with the determination of a personal business ideal. As we all know that as time passes and the world and all ideals updates and, as a result, are constantly step away from us every second. This means we need to be in a constant state of maximum aspiration.

There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you've been in the business.” Oscar De La Hoya

How can this be achieved?

As of recent, the psychological technique of visualization has become a very common technique among a lot of successful people. The visual business model of your business will aid the concentration on the positive development of your aspirations to realize those ambitions, to organize the mind to produce maximum results and formation of the best goals. It does not matter if you are running a large or small business, the flow of routines and problems needing solutions always require a set of actions. It can be quite easy to get lost in all the action. At times, a reboot of thoughts may be required because if you let the actions go unchecked, it may lead to the destabilization of your business from the right course of development. You are therefore advised to take advantage of the visualizing method and do your best to improve your business.

There are a lot of aspects concerned with the visualization method and you can develop your knowledge in this area by the effective use of certain literature. I, however, want to emphasize the important and general rules for the practice of this method. The next question is, how to start? You are advised to concentrate and begin to imagine a perfect picture of the life of your e-commerce business. The important thing is not to just dream about the picture but try to feel that you have already achieved it. You do not just contemplate what you want to attract, but get used to the image, feeling the possession of the goal now. You are advised to become immersed in this image and let the image drive you. Let us try to do this together.

You monitor and supervise the entire system of good sales. All employees have clearly set roles and perform all their tasks on time. All factors relating to shipping work fast and accurately. Clients are satisfied with all their purchase and give positive reviews. The website works perfectly without any form of interruption. The profit gotten is more than expenses. You have the ability to combine the management of this business with another business and even with studying or your personal life and leisure, without incurring any losses. You partners and advisers provide profitable innovations which are free of risks, costs, or complex principles and schemes.

Were you able to do this? Fantastic!

An analysis of the reality we see shows that there a lot of obstructions which will prevent your online store from running perfectly. The human factor is always present, the risk of mishaps and losing. We are however able to curtail such damages, as well as prevent them by making use of the visualization technique. The rendering principle is the one which works easily the most. The higher the number of times you practice visualization of your perfect business, the more it reveals techniques that will help achieve that goal. Focusing on such a picture may be the key to helping you create and keep in mind the path of improvement and development of a business.

Let me reveal this to you. As soon as you start practicing the visualization technique and imagining a perfect business, then the decision to bring it to reality is much closer than you think. The decision of the business automation will lie on the surface. It is obvious because now there are not so many popular methods and variants for the business development. All the aspects thanks which your business functions, can be improved with the help of automation!

This is a good method to for the continuous production of quality service and cutting off unnecessary expenses. A lot of time-consuming activities can be fulfilled in quite a very short time by making use of installed extensions. For instance, if a company is looking to provide the exact shipping time and cost information to its client as parts of a quality service, a customized extension for the purpose of shipping can serve to replace a lot of full-time workers, providing more benefit to the sales team.

Automation is one of the most popular business development strategies. The integration of automation into the online store will serve to take it closer to becoming an intelligent system in which people and smart systems can work in unity with one another. This helps to reduce the risk of failure and the efforts needed to run the store, increases the productivity of working time, speeds up the ability to research the behavior of visitors on the website and as a result, leads to a facilitation of the creation of strategies for business development.

The optimization of the sales process is not only meant to create a more comfortable environment for business, it will also easily help to attract more customers. The rejection of bad schemes means you can develop an environment meant for the continuous monitoring and analysis of data associated with the site and sales process. It will also be important in accelerating the speed involved in backend manipulation. Considering the fact that the online store is always available to clients, a quick reaction to changes is essential. The product may have come out of stock and may have become affected by promotional prices or discounts. The rate at which feedback and updating of information is carried out on the site from store managers may be related to the amount of buyers. Any delay may lead to the loss of some clients causing a bad reputation and poor advertisement.

Below are some ideas for the automation of your online store to help the growth and improvement of your business.

  1. Shipping Matrix Rates

  2. An essential part of the road to development of Shipping Matrix Rates extension iconbusiness is the automation of shipping options calculations. The Shipping Matrix Rates extension allows for the editing of pricing and altering of rates by making use of just a single CSV file. You will not need to hire anyone with expertise in coding to alter rates. Frankly speaking, getting qualified personnel requires more investments than making use of this module, which will provide the same result of work. Easy, fast, and perfectly calculated shipping options appear like the huge progress of the selling process, do you agree with me?

    Let us discuss how it can be made possible. If an “X” company is the online store and due to high sales activity, the company requires the services of 3 employees who work simultaneously and are involved in the calculation of shipping rates. During a month, their services cost the company a salary for the employees, rent of the room in the office, maintenance of equipment ( electricity, functional computers, provision of a comfortable working atmosphere such as cooling systems, kitchen equipment, etc.). In the actual sense, those costs are quite relative and you can utilize the method of visualization to relate this information as closely as possible to your business. However, the approximate total cost in the calculation of individual shipping rates for your customers will be much more compared with making use of the module will cost you just $139.00

  3. Sale Category Pro

  4. No more manual intervention! Our module helps Sale Category Pro extension iconto deal with producing a list of products having special prices Sale Category PRO. The automation of this process is a quite essential aspect necessary for the improvement of your business. As soon as you have customized the module, it will automatically be able to make manipulations thereby making a lot of workers redundant. For instance, the product can be taken off the sale category upon expiry of the product’s sale. The extension can help add certain products into the sales category if they have a special price which is less than their regular price. Furthermore, it can help include products in the sales category as they go on sale and automatically delete them as soon as the sale ends.

    Management of sales listing may be a daunting task for admins. It is quite difficult going through an entire catalog while adding and removing products with a special price to a certain category referred to as “Sale” or other names. Kindly take note that the keyword is “automatically”. The benefits of the automation of your business include the reduction of the human factor and lesser investments in the business. This means that the successful automation of your manipulations is what we strive to help you achieve.

  5. Facebook Like Discount

  6. Advertisement of your products making use of a social Facebook Like Discount extension iconnetwork is a smart move. During the first quarter of 2018, Facebook recorded about 2.19 billion monthly active users. Now I am not referring to necessarily showing expensive banners, commercial pages or spam images. The technique comes in using friends, relatives, acquaintances and different other types of interpersonal interaction on Facebook. A lot of people seem to trust recommendations more than advertisements. Your customers will share with their friends and subscribers their review about your store. People who come across it will see it not as a form of advertisement but as a friendly tip.

    The process of utilizing the Facebook Like Discount takes the following format: a logged in customer click on the "Facebook Like" button. After this, the store redirects him to a Facebook page for the verification of the "Like". As soon as the customer’s Facebook profile is verified, the configured discount is applied and displayed on the shopping cart page. Can you believe that? The entire process goes on without any human intervention form the backend support. This means you can apply this powerful automated tool for the conversion of new customers via a simple discount. I still can’t think of a single store, not in need of this module.

  7. Review Newsletter

  8. It is quite clear that a lot of customers rely on Review Newsletter extension iconthe experience of other clients while searching for a product. This is the reason why another essential feature for an online business is customers’ feedback.

    Asking your customers for the review of a product they purchased or the level of service gotten may seem quite simple. You may even hire personnel to manually complete the task on a daily basis or just simply install our Review Newsletter module once and forget about using employees for such a simple task. We have an intelligent solution for you. Save the working hours of your employees for tasks that are of more importance. Let an automated code deal with this for you.

    Some days after the purchase of the goods, the Review Newsletter will ask your client for a review on the purchased goods. The module will also send reminder emails to those customers. This means, if a customer purchases one or more products from your store, the extension will send them an email. A letter will also be sent after the expiration of the prescribed period. In X days, the client is to receive an email calling his/her attention to a review for the ordered newsletter. Furthermore, if the client has other orders before the last one, the email will contain such products in the email. On a final note, as soon as the customer decides to review the purchased goods via the link in the email, he will be provided with a list of all his purchased goods. This can allow the client quickly leave reviews for the products without leaving the page. There is no need for authorization due to the fact that the link has a unique token.

  9. Bulk Prices Updater

  10. The last on the list of our automated helpers is the Bulk Prices Updater extension iconBulk Prices Updater module. This is essential due to the amount of time required to alter different prices during discounts. This module is designed for fast and precise price management. It can update the prices of thousands of products in quite easy steps.

    It simply means you save a lot of unnecessary investments of your employees’ time. For the update of prices making use of the Bulk Prices Update requires lesser workers and efforts. More information on the advantages of this module can be found here: Magento 2 Bulk Price Updater: Advantages and usage.


Making use of the visualization method, you will easily create specific goals and the techniques to achieve them. Practice the method twice a day for just about 10-15 minutes for improved outcomes. Develop yourself and your business because are good enough to do so! Good luck!