If you ever wondered what is vital for effective business, you know these things are production, customers, and, of course, the team itself, as it is the backbone of any business. So, the question arises:

What does it take to build the best team?

To prepare a dish, you need to act according to the recipe. There is also a recipe for building a highly effective team that can give excellent results. In an effective team, employees must be motivated, share a single vision, and work together to bring it to life. People have clear, measurable goals and are committed to ensuring that everyone plays their part in the group's overall success.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. Michael Jordan

A recent study of 4,000 workers surveyed by Slack found that there are 3 main aspects that these professionals value most about their work. It is efficiency, autonomy, and team participation. Building a productive and effective team seems like a straightforward task, especially for aspiring businesspeople. But is it? What role does each person play: thinker, controller, or executer? Each of these roles is extremely important. All these moments shape the work of the whole team.

Usually, team leaders try to control all these processes on their own. But practice shows that it is impossible to perform all this work at a high level if managed only by a single person, notably if a team is still growing. Thus, if you are looking to build a competitive and successful e-commerce company, you will need to know these tips.

TOP 5 Tips for Leaders:

Tip №1

Management. You can come up with a beautiful idea by yourself. But, to carry out this idea in life, you need other people. For once, with these people, you can discuss your thoughts, and they'll probably show everything from a different angle, and you'll be able to decide who wants to cooperate with you and combine efforts and abilities. We must involve people who think differently than we are. The idea is to work with people with different experiences and backgrounds and view the situation from another perspective. They can bring fresh and valuable ideas to negotiations.

You are thinking, managing, acting. You can choose one of these items or two of them (for example, thinking and acting or controlling and thinking), but you cannot successfully manage all of these processes alone as an owner. Thus you will need people who will always help you. That is why a full-fledged team is necessary.

Tip №2

Place people in the right places. The result of the team's work directly depends on the microclimate in the group. Yes, it is not news; we all know about it, but not all of us follow these words in practice. Each company has its internal atmosphere, which gives this company a unique individuality, style and affects both a particular person and the entire team.

The key idea is that wholesome social and psychological interaction between people can generate success, and a poor environment can cause the whole team's failure.

Tip № 3

Help people grow. Sometimes people get lost. Make it clear what steps they can take within the company to grow, show them a bright future, share company goals with them. If you want your team to work vigorously towards achieving goals, you must first define them well. You cannot expect people to know where they are going if you do not explain where the finish point is.

Have you ever heard of SMART goals? SMART is an acronym for goals, which must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. Our advice is always to use SMART goals as a shortcut. Let people know when they are doing good and when they are wrong. Don't be afraid. It is the right step towards employee success and company growth.

Tip № 4

team building Respect and team building. Use good habits to build your corporate culture. Create a collaboration concept to help each other and celebrate all victories and achievements together. Let your team travel, give credit to what they do, help them be open-minded. If you work hard, make the party even harder. The team's results are a direct consequence of its activity as a cohesive, unified organism. Therefore, it is vital to achieving the state of oneness of all people because this is the only way to achieve the synergy effect.

When you have friendly relations between team members, it becomes more pleasant and exciting to work together in one united team.

Tip № 5

Balance of money. Some executives believe that the whole process of motivation comes down to a decent salary. However, studies show that the employee becomes dissatisfied with his work since his social and spiritual needs are met only for a short time. Remember that if you want to build effective and productive teams. Success is not the same as happiness.

This formula is different for every person, and also, it changes with varying periods of life. We need to listen to the needs of people. Money is a person's material motivation for the best work result. Don't be afraid to learn things from people through new experiences and mistakes.

Create the most effective team

It has long known that no matter how professional and hardworking each employee is, individuals will not give such successful work as well-structured teamwork. By definition, a "team" is a collection of individuals trying to succeed in teamwork to achieve common goals and objectives. It is a group of people with specific talents, prejudices, ambitions, and fears. The outcome of the work depends on the interaction of the team members.

Being in a team, being a part of it, is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Being in a group is not just being in it; it is the ability to give and the ability to take. Give everything to achieve a common goal and take only what needs for this. Being a team member is a valuable human ability that not everyone has, but we can learn. And it is this ability that has a direct impact on the success of the business. Building an effective team to solve particular problems is an excellent opportunity to increase an organization's competitiveness and survive in the market.

Within an effective team, there are both personal and shared responsibilities. Since the result depends on each of the employees' contributions, they are responsible for achieving the set team goal. The combination of individual and collective responsibility is the key to practical group work. Whether you are building a new team or having a team that strives for efficiency or debugging your team processes, our tips could help any organization.


Successful teamwork is a dynamic process that doesn't happen overnight. Only by managing you come to the desired result. Building effective teams is a whole science. Therefore, we do not recommend hoping that the team will form by itself. Try to work through one of these tips every week.

And soon, you will see that your teams will collaborate more effectively, more actively, and more quickly to achieve their goals than you expected. Use proven methods and achieve tremendous success!