Magento is the most powerful and customizable e-commerce platform for today. It has a huge amount of mighty tools to help you in managing stores. However, you can always expand your system’s capability by using Magento 2 extensions. The good news is that there are thousands of amazing plugins you can buy. But the even better news is that there are also Magento 2 free extensions for your store.

In this article, you will find the short descriptions of the most popular Magento 2 free extensions.

Custom Shipping Price

What is the best way to offer a lot of delivery options to my different clients in Magento? Is it possible to apply any shipping price or description to order?

Advantages of Custom Shipping Price extension:

  • It allows you provide your clients with different ranges of shipping prices to their orders
  • You can provide variety of shipping descriptions to their variety of orders
  • It's a handy tool for easy management and monitoring

Custom Shipping Price is for the owner of an e-commerce business who is looking to create a variety of shipping options for a variety of orders. You may decide to have a preview of the extension. Then you’ll find out if it would be perfect for your store and be suitable for your needs. Check it out here. It is quite clear that almost every buyer would love to have a variety of options for each of their orders. More often than not, a lot of store owners are guilty of offering a single shipping price and description to every county they provide services to. This technique may not be the best solution to serve customers who are from different countries. To deal with this dilemma, I would advise you to try this handy plugin. It would be useful in helping you apply different delivery techniques, creating flexible shipping pricing or even free shipping to a variety of cities or countries via your Magento store.


One of the best ways to instigate your clients into making a purchase is to offer them a variety of delivery options and prices. For instance, you may decide to offer a retail or wholesale buyer free shipping, a special shipping price or a discount on delivery. You can add different shipping price and description for different countries.

Fade Description

What is the best way possible to hide a long description of a certain category in your web store? How do you get to write an informative product description without distracting your buyer’s attention from the product in question?

Are you trying your best to minimize your product listing?

During a recent search which I conducted on the solution to this problem, I found myself combing through almost every corner of the Internet and well….. you guessed right. I finally found it. That is free, quite easy to install and available with excellent support from Mageside. It is equally as important as any other aspect and you do not need any form of expertise to make use of it.


However, you won't be able to provide better descriptions of all the benefits provided by your product. And it would eliminate the worry of a long item description. Some buyers do not need to read the entire product description. Fade description will help you hide a large quantity of your description from your main story. Also, if the client is someone who prefers to have a more intensive study of the product, you can attach a “Read more” button to allow the client to read more content.

By making use of the extension, you will be able to customize the height of the product description. And it will even be able to change the name of the “show” and “hide” buttons.

Making use of the extensions is quite easy. It does not require any form of expertise to make use of it. This means your customers can pay more attention to navigating your store and making purchases without disturbances.


  • This extension helps you save space on your website
  • It helps with customization of a large amount of description
  • User can hide and expand the item description
  • It also allows for easy management from the back-end

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Subscribe to Newsletters at Checkout

What are the best possible ways to get more subscribers? What is the best way to inform your loyal clients about your new useful products?

Inform your clients about different offers from your newsletters. If you have an idea of informing your visitors concerning new items, sales, discounts or special holiday prices, without additional advertisement, offer them this new option by making use of your store checkout page «Subscribe to Newsletters at Checkout». Your customers can subscribe to newsletters from your store or you may decide to do it for them.


The extension is enabled with some options which include: customers may decide to sign up for the news or not and another option is for you to subscribe for customers or not. As soon as you make the decision to sign up on behalf of your buyer and he still decides to make a purchase, at the checkout page, he will notice that he has already signed up for a newsletter.

As you have been informed that the extension is perfect in helping you inform all clients about related or new products and keep them informed about all the changes which occur on your site.

Keep Admin Authorized

Has your session expired?

There are some situations in life which demand that unnecessary breaks from work be taken. For instance, the phone rang, your boss asked you to come to his office, your colleague turned off the light in the office or you just decided to take some coffee and your mind skipped from the job. After these breaks and you decide to get back to your computer and you find a disheartening message “Your login session has expired” and then you remember that you have an unsaved job. The bad thing about this is that you may need to do the entire job from the beginning.

This is actually not a problem anymore by making use of the Keep Admin Authorized extension, due to the fact that it keeps you logged in at all times unless you take the decision to log out yourself. If you wish to stay logged in without any breaks to your working sessions, until the completion of the job, this is the perfect extension for the e-commerce platform.

keep admin autorized

This means you can save yourself from the worry of unsaved data and expired sessions. You can take your desired breaks while you stay logged into the system.

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