When selling, you have to offer something. Have you heard of this law of success for entrepreneurs? It’s similar to fishing. Because you put a bait and the fish will get caught on your hook. For example, the bait may be in the form of discounts. In recent times, discounts have become very much more important. Certainly, the important thing you need to understand is how discounts work and how they can be applied. A discount is a strong marketing strategy. Nowadays, social media is an integral part of human life. Make use of Magento 2 facebook like button and experience an increase in the number of potential buyers to your store.

So, how does this work? The client put a ‘like’ and as a result of this, he gets a discount on the product. This strategy is now very common in markets dealing with young people. The essence of this whole thing is not the discount but the chain of people it attracts to your store from social media. Consequently, it increases the reach of your store.

Features and benefits:

  • Effective means of advertising;
  • Extra motivation to complete the order;
  • Attractive and convenient interface;
  • Automated application of discounts;
  • Conspicuous button displayed on any page;
  • Ability to change the color, size, and location of the button;
  • Editing of the discount value.

In order to apply for this Magento 2 extension, take note of the following steps:

1. Stores> Configuration


  • Enabled - select yes to enable the Facebook Like Discount extension;
  • Facebook App ID - an ID of the Facebook page that the customer can like to get a discount;
  • Facebook App Secret - the Facebook page that the customer can like to get a discount;
  • Page URL -write the URL of the Facebook page;
  • Facebook Page ID – insert the ID of the Facebook page that the customer can like to get a discount;
  • Discount Title- enter the discount title;
  • Discount Rate – fill in the discount rate in percent;
  • Login Button Image- upload the image of the login button;


2. Share Section

  • Enabled- click "Yes" to activate the "Share" button;
  • Share Discount Rate - write the discount rate in percent. The discount will be relevant after a customer shares a product on Facebook page;
  • Share Discount Message- type the share discount message;
  • Uses per Customer - set the frequency of discount usage (limited or unlimited);
  • Number of Uses- enter the number of discounts uses;
  • Frequency of Use- write the frequency of use;
  • Background color -enter html for background color;
  • Width - add the width for the block;
  • Text Color- enter the HTML code to change the text color;
  • Border Color-to changes the border color, enter the HTML code;
  • Share Button Image-download the "Share" button image.
3.Share section

3.Widget Creation

To show the button "as a discount" on the website, you need to create a widget for it.

Step 1: Content> Widgets> Add Widget

  • Type- set the Facebook Like Discount type;
  • Design Theme – select a theme to your store;

Step 2:

Fill out the information in Storefront Properties section and Layout Updates section.

  • Widget Title - enter a name for the widget;
  • Assign to Store View - determine which stores should have the widget assigned;
  • Layout Updates- set where to show the ‘Like’ button on Facebook.

6.Storefront property

Step 3:

Fill in all the fields in the widget settings and click the button "Save".

  • Discount Message – type a discount message to show it to your customer;
  • Background Color – type a background color for the widget;
  • Width – type the size of width for the widget;
  • Text Color – type color for text;
  • Border Color – type color for a border.

8.Widget options

On the frontend site, we see the following:

Example on the main page


View on the products page

10.Example 2

Facebook discount applying in the shopping cart


Explore the effectiveness of this tool. It will boost your sales. First of all, it is a strong motivation for clients to make a purchase at discounts especially since the discount can easily be obtained without any stress. Accordingly, this motivates the client more. Also, the facebook like button increases the percentage of people who make purchases on your store.

Thus, by making use of this Magento 2 extension, you can draw in more audience from social media to your store. If you have any inquiries on the application of the Magento 2 module facebook like discount, contact us and the Mageside team is always prepared to help you.