More and more people appreciate the convenience of online shopping. We can buy the product we like in any country of the world in one click without leaving our apartment. As the demand for shopping online grows, the amount of online stores also increases. A natural question arises: which of them can be trusted?

Customers become more selective and straightforward every year, so they listen to others' opinions before purchasing. All information about your store that can be found on the Internet is your reputation. It can be from your website, social media, reviews, other forums, or mass media publications.

Companies could have worked on their reputation for many years, but they can lose it in one unexpected moment.

The majority of people make purchases only after reading reviews. According to Data Insight, only 1% of online shoppers never read reviews. Online reviews significantly impact the purchase decision; according to a study by ReviewTrackers, 94% of potential buyers abandon a purchase due to a negative review. It is a critical part for business owners that requires special attention.

Reviews are a trustworthy, unbiased source of information. Buyers of electronics and household appliances, clothing and footwear, children's, sports and automotive products, cosmetics, perfumes, and goods for repair and construction pay the most active attention.

Do you have excellent ratings on Google? Why don't you tell your clients about it? Google customer reviews extension allows you to display customer reviews and product ratings on any store page.

Why Google Customer Reviews Extension?

The Google Customer Reviews module allows you to receive feedback from users who have placed an order and show reviews for future customers.

Work algorithm:

  1. A person bought a product or service on the website.
  2. On the "Thank you for your order" page, a form appears asking to complete the survey.
  3. If the person agrees, his address is added to the mailing list.
  4. After receiving the order, the user receives an email with a survey.

Features and Benefits:

  • automatically adds a testimonials badge to the site;
  • increases confidence;
  • strengthens the brand by showcasing customer testimonials based on their experience with the business;
  • gives more chances to attract the attention of quality customers;
  • the icon can be placed on any page of the site;
  • no coding is required;
  • dynamic loading of reviews;

Integration of the survey module on the website

  1. To connect an extension: go to Configuration and click "Enabled."
  2. Follow the link to get a Merchant ID.
  3. Fill in the Merchant ID field in the general settings.
  4. Set Estimated Delivery Days. You can specify the average time of days for delivery in the settings of the administrative panel.

As you can see, the installation is quick and straightforward. But in case of any difficulties, you can contact our support. And so, you have installed the Google Customer Review extension.

What will the client see from his side?

With the extension from Mageside, the administrator specifies a page on your website for the following information:

customer opinion

Google Customer Reviews badge:

review badge

A visitor of an online store lights up if he sees a full review with the author, photos, and information about the services provided.

Perfect customer feedback

Authorship: the words of a client with a name and an avatar speak of a person's adequacy and significantly impact purchasing a product.

Product photos or videos: it's not uncommon for people to take pictures of product unboxing. It confirms the authenticity of the purchase and provides objective information about the product for potential clients.

Service Review: —Āustomers' opinions about a store's service are considered the best reliability marker for a potential customer. It is like the opinion of an experienced fellow that always is listened to before making a decision.

The store must pay attention to all their work in order to have such a review. First of all, the store's functionality should have a feedback form, a mechanism for surveys, and automated reminders.

It's great if you already have that! Take action and encourage customers to share their experiences with you and other people. If you need to implement such functionality, check out our website for a Magento module to download, or contact us if you have something specific in mind.

How can online stores encourage buyers to write a review?

  • Make the review input process as easy as possible.
  • Thank customers for the order, and show the importance of their feedback.
  • Use a loyalty program through which the client receives bonuses, discounts, promotional sets, samples for feedback, etc., after the purchase.
  • Offer small gifts with orders as a sign of attention. There is a good chance that the client will thank you for this in a review.
  • After buying the product, give the customer a few days and remind yourself. It is a good practice to ask for a review 3-5 days after the purchase.
  • Create an ongoing competition for the best review of your products, and offer the winner a free product or a gift card for any product in your store.

Show how much you care about the customers. Ask for their opinions and feedback, write Thank You letters, invite customers to sign up for your newsletter, and answer their questions. It will help you stay in touch with them, strengthen your online reputation and help you grow your business successfully.