An email is an excellent tool for communicating a business with a subscriber or a customer to build strong relationships and gain more revenue. And that this is one of the most stable and cheapest methods of customer interaction.

ROI from email, depending on the industry, would be 3800% - 4000%. It means that every dollar spent on average brings 38-40 dollars of profit for the business.

Mailing efficiency

If you correctly assess the effectiveness of your mailing lists, you can successfully set new goals and predict events.

The best and ideal scenario of mailing campaigns it's when users open 100% of your emails. But the percentage can (and would) be lower through delivery errors and other circumstances that aren't up to you. Nevertheless, you can focus on the deliverability rate and make it 90%. How to calculate deliverability?

Deliverability is the ratio of the number of messages successfully received by the recipient's SMTP server to the total number of emails sent.

What is an SMTP? Functions and benefits of an SMTP server

The email is considered delivered if it fell into the Inbox folder. And an important point: your message may end up in a spam folder, and it will still be counted as delivered.

Types of email for marketing campaigns


Welcome emails are some of the most effective automated emails. A welcome email is the very first email a customer receives from you.

Their average click-through rate is five times higher than other types of emails. This success is because subscribers receive such welcome emails immediately after subscribing to the newsletter, filling out a form on the website, or applying. It is when the interest in the mailings and the company from the new subscriber is maximum.

The purpose of the welcome email is to confirm that you have become a subscriber and greet you, lay the foundation for future collaboration, introduce you to the product range, and present the brand.

news and advertisement

Newsletters mean notifications, reminders, confirmations, statements, advertising, and information.

The primary purpose of a newsletter is to tell the recipient that there's some news. For example: notify subscribers about changes within the company; say to the client about the introduction of new services or expansion of its range. The time and money invested in creating a quality newsletter template always pay off.


Carrying out promotions is a common way to stimulate sales. But not every action is equally successful. Get ready for these promotions in advance, because The same offer could get different results. If you need to conduct a significant rise, you should prepare several email campaigns. Their number and content will depend on your strategy.


The truth is, there is no permanent relationship. And no way gives you 100% customer return. Subscribers will get tired of your newsletter sooner or later. Accepting this is the key to your success. Understand that not all contacts in your base will stay with you forever. But, as they say, there is a silver lining: not all those subscribers who do not open letters leave - some of them return.

The Starbucks resuscitation mailing list is brilliant. Everyone loves "freebies," and a statement about it immediately attracts attention, prompting you to read the letter. They use a coup with a personalized offer. Namely, a birthday tie that makes a person feel special. According to statistics, personalized offers increase the open rate by 26%. But it's not just about free offers: along the way, marketers are gathering valuable information that will help them send relevant emails by a specific date in the future.


Information about new promotions, sales, gifts, and discounts - all this can be contained as a sales letter. It helps attract more new customers, strengthen relationships with old ones, and increase your revenue.

You can immediately inform a regular customer about loyalty programs, discounts, and new products - most likely, he will immediately follow the link. But unlike him, a new subscriber is not a client yet. And he may never become one if an obsessive advertisement arrives directly after signing up.

 Email strategies

Email Marketing Strategies

If you are new to this, you should first consider setting your email campaigns strategy. How to do this? Start with:

email personalization

Personalization is when you use the subscriber data in an email you send him to increase the email's relevance. By personalizing emails, you send content that is relevant to each subscriber individually.

divide your subscribers by criteria

Ascend2 research shows that segmentation is second only to personalization and creating a relevant call to action. The idea is that the store sends a message only to those users for whom this information can be helpful.


Earlier, we talked about the importance of mobile-friendly websites; now, it's time to speak about mobile-friendly emails. Since most customers visit the site using a mobile device, first of all, you need to make the text concise, understandable, and easily readable on mobile devices. You should pay special attention to the header, pictures, and, of course, the call-to-action button.

automate the process

Email automation dramatically reduces the costs of email marketing for a business. It implies a reduction in time, human resources, efficiency, and quick results for the company.


Types of Email newsletters for ONLINE STORE:

reviews and characteristics of your products

Tell about new products or collections to get customers familiar with the updated assortment. The goal is to notify customers when new items arrive and review them. It is also a form of advertising email because you inform your customers about the range update and hope that customers will be interested in new products and make a purchase right away.

about viewed items

Often, users visit an online store, browse products but do not purchase. Send an email with a selection of recently viewed products on the site. Perhaps the user just forgot to get back to the website, which would be an excellent follow-up for him.

collecting reviews

Triggered emails are an effective way to collect customer feedback. A trigger is an action caused by the occurrence of a specific event. In our case, the "event" is the successful completion of the transaction. The "action" is sending a targeted letter to a specific person requesting to leave a review of the purchased product or service provided some time after the order.

items in the cart

The main task is to select products in the recipient's interests and create a beautiful template that will make the offer even more attractive.

Every business needs an email newsletter system and depending on the needs, the store should think out an individual email strategy. An email newsletter is a very effective business tool. A well-organized mailing list could significantly increase store revenue. Therefore, if you are still not using this tool, it is worth giving it a try.