The New Year holidays are over, and we are trying our best to get warm. Spring will soon arrive, and people will abandon their fur coats and head over to the gym to work out. However, we know the importance of sportswear to this season. Emily is a part of this whole season, and she needs a new pair of leggings. If you want her to select your store as a prime location to make a purchase, Install Facebook like button. Make use of the Facebook Like Discount extension in Magento 2.

Manage Forms So, how does this extension work? When Emily logs into your site, she clicks on the Facebook like button and says a few good things about the store, she gets a discount for her purchase. After this, the leggings will be offered to her at a discount rate which will be determined by the administrator. This way, you encourage buyers to complete the purchase and advertise your site on the social network. Emily’s friends will get to see this report. A chain can now develop as they all become potential buyers.

To make use of this extension, take note of the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Stores> Configuration and adjusts parameters.
  2. 1.Configuration General

    • Enabled – select "Yes" to enable the Facebook Like Discount extension;
    • Facebook App ID - an ID of the Facebook page that the customer can like to receive a discount;
    • Facebook App Secret - Facebook page that the customer can like to get a discount;
    • Page URL -write the URL of Facebook page;
    • Facebook Page ID – insert ID of Facebook page that the customer can like to get a discount;
    • Discount Title- write the discount title;
    • Discount Rate - set the discount rate in percent;
    • Login Button Image- download the image of the login button.

  3. Share Section
    • Enabled- select "Yes" to activate the "Share" button;
    • Share Discount Rate - write the discount rate in percent. The discount will be relevant after a customer shares a product on the Facebook page;
    • Share Discount Message - type the share discount message;
    • Uses per Customer - define the frequency of discount usage;
    • Number of Uses- write the number of discounts uses;
    • Frequency of Use- fill in the frequency of use. For example, enter 3 if you want to give a discount every 3 days;
    • Background color - enter the html for the background color;
    • Text Color- enter the HTML code to set the text color;
    • Width - set the width for the block;
    • Border Color- to change the color of the frame, write the HTML code;
    • Share Button Image-upload the "Share" button image.
    3.Share section

  4. Widget Creation

To show the button " as a discount" on the website, you need to create a widget for it.

Step 1:

Content>Widgets>Add Widget

  • Type- choose the Facebook Like Discount type;
  • Design Theme - write a theme to your store;

Step 2:

Fill out the information in Storefront Properties section and Layout Updates section.
  • Widget Title – write a name for the widget;
  • Assign to Store View - determine which stores should have the widget assigned;
  • Layout Updates- determine where to show the Facebook like button.
6.Storefront property 7.Layout Updates

Step 3:

Fill in all the fields in the widget settings and click on the button "Save".

  • Discount Message – write a discount message to show it to your customer;
  • Background Color – put a background color for the widget;
  • Width – put the size of width for the widget;
  • Text Color – set a color for text;
  • Border Color – type color for border.
Widjet options

After the administrator has completed all the steps. Emily will see the following.

Example on the main page:

Example 1

Shape on product’s page:

10.Example 2

Example of discount applying:


View of Facebook discount applying in the shopping cart:


If you have any inquiries on the installation of the Facebook like button with the Magento 2 module, talk to our team. We have all the information you need and always ready to hear your problem. Regards, Mageside Team.