Opening your own store is an exciting process. After setting up a business, you should focus on driving sales.

Experienced e-commerce players start a business and don't rely on luck because they have a clear marketing and sales plan that helps to grow.

Modern sales promotion methods help establish communication with consumers and maintain the company's image and product sales. Business applies methods and means to influence customers, prompting them to buy a product. Here are some customer engagement strategies you can try right now.

Popular sales promotion methods:

  • posting information about discounts;
  • create urgency;
  • solving customer problems;
  • social recognition;
  • online store attractiveness cross-selling;
  • email marketing campaigns;
  • free samples offerings;
  • up-selling;
  • money-back guarantee.

Posting information about discounts

Advertising can reach a large number of potential buyers. You need to invest maximum effort and diligence to make your ad stand out from the rest. For the effectiveness of advertising, start with a concise selling text and a catchy ad title, and select the appropriate graphic image. The design of the ad block should be noticeable and moderately straightforward.

With a Promotion Message from Mageside, you can easily tell your customers about new offers.

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Create urgency

Urgency gets people moving and making decisions fast. It is one of the leading sales triggers. Usually, goods that run out are considered more valuable by buyers. This feature of behavior is often used in the information business. If you have a sale on an item that a customer wants to buy, then remind them about the short timeframe of the sale. The best option would be a countdown counter. It can create the urgency needed for purchase.

Solving customer problems

As a rule, people buy products that solve their problems. That is, the client has a goal; he believes and hopes for help from your store. Offer the customer products or services that will help him solve specific issues. For example, if a customer buys a stroller, display items that are usually purchased together as related products on the same page. It could be a car seat, a changing table, or a baby mattress. Understanding your customer and their individual needs will lead you to effective sales.

Social recognition

One of the human needs is to be on the same level with friends. And marketers often use this tool. They use testimonials, reviews, and customer success stories and thus increase the value of the selling proposition for the client. Therefore, do not forget about setting up a page full of reviews from your customers. Perhaps the GOOGLE CUSTOMER REVIEWS Magento module will be helpful for you.

Online store attractiveness and accessibility

After opening the store, you need to attract people. Usually, the first step is to advertise on social media. You can also set up a Google business page so people can easily find you, find your opening hours, and leave a review about your business.

Inform your buyers about any sales, promotions, discounts, or new offers. Tell customers to visit the site for more information and to take advantage of these great deals.

Free samples offerings

Sampling involves the free distribution of product samples. This method allows the consumer to test the product and understand whether he needs it or not. That is why many buyers react positively to it. This method requires money, but with the right approach, they quickly pay off. Do you want to apply this method to your Magento store? Write to us, and we will help you install the Product samples extension.


Cross-selling attempts to get customers to spend more money by providing them with products from other categories that accompany the product they bought. This may be the organization of a joint promotional campaign by several companies. For example, when buying a window cleaner, a client receives a cleaning agent for furniture care in a coordinated campaign of household chemicals.

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Affiliate sales promotion is beneficial to both companies. To be effective, a company must:

  • have a typical target audience;
  • worked in the same price segment;
  • were not competitors;
  • had the same interest in active sales.

Email marketing

This method allows you to communicate with a potential buyer directly, build emotional and trusting contact, and talk about new products and promotions. The difficulty is that you need to think through the entire content of the email, every line, and sentence, as much as possible; otherwise, the effect cannot be achieved. Use the EMAIL TO CUSTOMERS extension; it can save you time and automate sending emails to customers.


This method helps to stimulate sales of expensive products. The store offers costly goods and its cheaper analogs. The task is to demonstrate all the advantages of an expensive product and convince the buyer that this particular product is the best choice. Do you want to set up up-selling? Explore the SMART RELATED PRODUCTS extension options.

Money back guarantee

People love to have guarantees. This method dramatically strengthens the reputation of the company. Because the security speaks about the store's confidence in its products, it captivates and encourages purchases. This method does not require any investment. In practice, few clients need the return of the funds spent. The technique works well in the service industry.

Wrap it up

Setting up your e-commerce store is challenging, but many online shoppers are willing to spend money. The above strategies can be a great way to increase your online store sales.

With the right approach, you only need a few strategies to make the first of many sales. But of course, the main ones are trustworthy quality, excellent service, and convenient product delivery. Please get in touch with us if you need advice on how our Magento extensions work.