Magento is a platform which has gained a lot of popularity due to its flexibility and ability to help different online stores. It has different functions which can be used in e-commerce. The most important part of any store is the product. Let’s take a look at the products which Magento supports and the important products to take note of.

Types of Magento products:

  • Simple Product

    This a material with a single SKU (unique product code).
  • simple products
  • Configurable Product

    This a material product with a number of variations of one product such as size, color, etc. For instance, it could be cars, shoes, etc.
  • configurable products
  • Grouped Product

    This is a combination of the different simple products that are sold by the set. For instance, furniture sets.
  • grouped products
  • Bundle Product

    This is a product which allows you to collect your set of products from the options (Simple Products). For instance, this product could be a personal computer system, a game console with an extra controller or a gift basket.
  • More information about these type of products can be found in the article "Package deal strategy". bundle products
  • Virtual Product

    This is not a physical product. It requires no need for delivery, transportation. For instance, it could be in the form of support/tech service, online consulting or courses, insurance, reservation, etc.
  • virtual products
  • Downloadable Product

    This is simply a digital product, which is necessary to download. For instance, it could be Magento extensions, software, music files, eBooks, games, applications.
downloadable products

To be the best, a lot of modern businesses make use of different methods of digital transformation. Downloadable products are beginning to get more popular. These types of products cannot be held, tasted, and can’t be touched. However, we use them daily. Downloadable Product Magento is a unique product.

Downloadable Product Magento is a particular type of product utilized by different entrepreneurs, teachers, artists, creatives, freelancers. It is because this product is an intangible asset that comes as a file. It allows for easy distribution and is considered attractive to many customers. Downloadable products are universality. Because they are created once and can be sold more than once. For example, music, video, ebooks, plug-ins.

Downloadable products have several advantages. These include:

  • no delivery costs;
  • instant delivery of goods;
  • low overhead cost;
  • coverage of a global audience that uses an Internet resource;
  • long shelf life;
  • unlimited number of copies.

But also, we would like to warn you about some features that are worth paying special attention to.

These include:

  • great competition for free goods;
  • isks of piracy/theft, therefore, special attention should be paid to product safety;
  • there are some limitations when selling products on Facebook, Instagram.

The truth is that many of these problems will not be if avoided with the help of the right tools for business.

If you are the owner of an offline business, it may be quite easy for you to transform it into a digital store. A digital store will make you independent and offer great levels of flexibility. As a store owner, you get to sell the product for years and get passive income. Downloadable products do not expire, and the quality of the product remains constant.

Magento modules are an example of downloadable products.

If you are creating your online store, then depending on your needs, you may be interested in our extensions , which are additional management tools for your business.