What was 2020 for Mageside?

Hello to you, Mageside blog reader!

2020 is coming to an end and we want to sum up and remember how it was.


We welcomed the start of new 2020 with the whole Mageside team at the banquet table and a festive mood. As always, we were looking forward to the beginning of the new year as a unique opportunity to make it better than the previous one! What we do know now that this year was totally different from the one we had planned.

This year we were all united and at the same time more distant than ever because of the pandemic. The beginning of 2020 made us change the usual mode of life. Our hometown Cherkasy became quieter with the introduction of quarantine restrictions. A significant part of our team has moved to work from home for this turbulens time.

We have learned to cope with distance difficulties because we have a great common goal - to be your reliable support that can always be relied on. Being in the physical distance, we looked for different ways to work as a team and did it! Among other solutions to make work productive, we organized joint Skypes every week in our free time and shared our quarantined life insights. It has become a good tradition! Now we find even more time to communicate with the team in full than before. Since many of us still don't work from the office - such calls enable us to remain a one-piece team. We actively shared useful findings, exciting movies, creative articles, invitations to online courses, and many other activities.

We try to think positive and make the most of all situations. As we had more time, we began to work on long-delayed dreams and deeds. Some of us got a four-legged friend, someone learned to make decorated pots, someone began to do more sports, and someone even entered the University! We are proud of everyone's achievements. Also, we are insanely happy about new families in our team and about the birth of their new little ones!

This year has given us precious experiences and made joyful moments even more valuable.

Of course, we tried to meet offline when it was safe and possible. On March 8 was International Women's Day, our talented creative men made a festive pixel figure of eight in our office to congratulate the team's girls. On October 14, we celebrated Defender of Ukraine Day and congratulated our male defenders with tasty cakes.

This year, the Mageside team decided to combine creativity to congratulate our team lead on his birthday online. The creation of the video was an exciting process, so not only the birthday boy was happy. All of us, being in different parts of Ukraine, felt unity with a common idea.

Every time of spending time together within nature this year makes us feel incredibly rich. We went on picnics to the forest and gathered for a paintball game to have a good time.

Of course, this year was challenging, and we worked very hard, so when the pandemic subsided a bit in late August, we went on vacation to Turkey. These were days that filled us with strength and energy for future accomplishments. With the new forces, we have continued to provide you with the best services possible!

We keep our hands on the pulse, so on October 24, we were participants in the online MageCONF'20. These were informative speeches, and lecturers were connected from different countries. If you are interested in topics, we will leave a link here.

Of course, we hope that next year we will attend the Magento conference in Kyiv offline! We believe that in the new 2021, the changes for the better make our life full of pleasant surprises! New opportunities and prospects always replace hard times.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Thank you for being with us!

Regards, Mageside team.