Hello to Mageside blog readers!

We are excited to share great news for you! Recently Mageside and Stripe become partners. We are happy to work together and join our forces to deliver the best solutions to the users who use Stripe Magento. It is a great company, now our partner who inspired us to create a convenient solution for Magento store owners who use Stripe payments. Such a solution developed by our team is Stripe Payments extension that now is available from the Stripe page.

Our team is excited about the future opportunities opened thanks to this collaboration. We believe that it brings the payments process for Magento users to the next progressive level.


This year was full of events and achievements for us. We had time to make and see a lot of useful things. Here are some the most significant:

In our city, the charity "Summer Challenge 2018" was held. Five of our the bravest employees took part in this challenging race. Obstacles rallied us and taught even greater teamwork. When you work in a team, the impossible becomes possible! You can see how the marathon was held here.

Also, the Meidside team visited Magento Conference 2018 in Kiev. We had a great time! Learned a lot of new things concerning Magento commerce projects, certifications in Magento 2, Magento updates and much useful information for developers, about teambuilding and development in general.

It was a busy day, and we managed to speak with the speakers and guests. There were several speeches at the same time; thus we covered more information, as divided into groups and going to different lectures. After that, we shared new knowledge and impressions.

Joint development and rest irresistibly affect the atmosphere and teamwork. So, after a year of a tense work, we went on a trip to Egypt. Restarts of thoughts are necessary for fruitful work, and when we returned, we plunged into work with new forces and are ready to surprise you and work for you next year!

New beginning 2019

A New Year begins, hope the last year was happy to you!

Have you already made an Achievable Plan for 2019? If not – now is the most exciting time. At the beginning of the year, everything feels plenty of fresh opportunities and unknown possibilities. Not to fade this feeling up, try to gather all your positive thoughts and think for future goals you’ve set.

In this year our team plans to develop more useful extensions, visit more countries and events. We are happy to contribute to Magento code and plan to contribute this year more. Mageside are happy to see our readers, partners, sponsors, and friends this year. We can also meet on Imagine 2019 12-13 of May, Magento Conference or at Meet Magento events.

Wish you only the best.

Stay calm and be happy the whole year!