Mageside owns, operates, and maintains all the content and software Solutions on the Website. You are not allowed to distribute, exchange, remodify, or sell any materials from this Website, including any software, images, text, video, and audio. You may not use any part of code or algorithms for any business or commercial use without Mageside's permission. Any unauthorized use of any Materials from this Website may violate laws of the privacy policy, copyright laws, civil and even criminal statutes.



You may not distribute any Mageside's software to the third party. Any distributions, including non-commercial or public, is strictly prohibited. Any Software sharing via server with open access or other types of sharing without Mageside's permission is considered as a violation of the current Agreement.

You are not allowed to give or take in rent, lease, or sub-license any Mageside's property. Mageside may terminate the License if you fail to comply with all terms and conditions. In this case, the License Certificate may be canceled, and you will be obliged to remove all copies of Madeside's software from your side.

In the case of termination of the License, Mageside is not obliged to return the fee spend by the Customer for purchasing the product.


Return and Refund

Each of our Clients is the greatest treasure of Mageside. Our professional duty and primary responsibility is the fulfillment of the requirements of our customers. If the product didn't match the Customer's expectations, there is always an opportunity to return the product and make a refund within the refund period. The refund period is equal 30 days after purchasing a product.



The support period is 90 days after purchasing the product. After support period termination, the Customer may prolong it for 30% of the product's cost.

Mageside's Team is doing its utmost to prevent Bugs or Issues. In case, if a Bug occurs, - Mageside's Team will fix it as soon as possible after the Customer submits a Ticket via support email or chat.


Solution updating

Mageside provides all Customers with Free Update for any product within the support period (90 days after purchase). You may download the newest version of the product on our site without an extra fee in this period. Please note that new product releases are available at first, then on other platforms.

Mageside is not obliged to inform every Customer about all updates or upgrades, but doing this concerning Customer's security. To receive information about the last updates, please Subscribe to our newsletters.

Customers, who request extra services, such as customization, development, or other solutions, may buy a separate Service Hours to cover the tickets.



Mageside guarantees the proper work of the products and Solutions in a case when the Customer does not have the third-party solutions, that can cause incompatibilities, all amounts due to Mageside have been paid, and the Customer provided all requested information and accesses.


The License

Mageside grants a License Certificate to use the Solution. One License Certificate is valid for the one Magento installation only. Each new copy of the Software product requires to purchase a separate License Certificate. For more detailed information, please continue reading the following License Agreement.