Accelerated mobile pages for Magento 2 store

Are you a Magento 2 store owner? You may have already faced the following problem: if the pages are too slow, customers leave the store.

More and more people started to use smartphones for online shopping. That's why mobile support for e-commerce websites is a must. But the store should have not just a responsive layout or a standalone mobile version but also be fast and flexible for users.

That is why the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project was launched in October 2015 by Google and became a huge success.

What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. And they can easily change the entire website experience for you and your website visitors.

The technology is based not on a standard or mobile version of the site but the AMP HTML version of it. In essence, AMP is a stripped-down form of HTML code. Initially, the set of scripts and HTML tags was limited and was suitable only for news agencies, blogs, media, magazines, and other sites whose purpose is to release news content.

But now, the set of scripts and tags has been expanded by Google. The goal is to help mobile pages load faster and improve user experience. So AMP began to be used for e-commerce websites - online stores.

How can AMP affect your Magento 2 store?

  • User interaction
  • According to Google SOASTA Research 2019, the longer a website takes to load on a mobile device, the more likely the user will leave the site. Hence, with a rapid loading speed, an AMP page is an effective solution to reduce your site's bounce rate. And as a result, a lower bounce rate means higher conversion rate and sales growth. Search Engine Watch magazine claims that thanks to the new technology, it increased CTR by 25% and ad click-through rates increased by 63%;

  • User experience
  • We see the number of people who use their smartphones as their primary "online shopping" device is growing, so page load speed is a crucial indicator for user experience. And AMP is potentially one of the best solutions for this.

  • Site ranking
  • Also, AMP allows you to raise your site in the ranking list on the search results page. It loads faster, so it gets more clicks and fewer bounces. Google Crawler determines that the page is useful to users and is likely to rank higher in search results.

What does AMP look like in search results?

AMP pages are prioritizing by the lightning bolt icon in mobile search results. A special icon visually highlights accelerated pages and grabs attention.

Accelerated mobile pages

How to implement AMP technology into Magento online store?

Honestly, AMP implementation is not an easy task. If you want To implement AMP on a website, its pages must be available in an alternative format and designed following the standard's specifications. It means that with the ordinary pages, there would be their AMP versions on the website.

BUT don't worry! There are ready-made plug-in solutions that simplify the process, for example, the ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES module.

Mageside has created the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) extension to optimize the speed of mobile pages. With the Accelerated Mobile Pages extension, you can improve site usability and visibility in search results by generating light mobile pages. Today, users want to load the page double-quick. Slow pages badly impact search ranking. The module Accelerated Mobile Pages fastens the pages that users will see on the screen incredibly quickly.

Features of the ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES module

  • AMP logo design
  • The administrator can create a unique design for the AMP logo and set the settings for logo width, height, text color, link color, background color, etc.

  • AMP on mobile
  • From the admin page, you can enforce or cancel AMP pages on mobile pages at his discretion.

  • AMP on tablet devices
  • Admin allows to apply or revoke AMP on tablet devices.

  • Google Tag Manager
  • From the admin side, you can track user interactions with AMP pages using Google Tag Manager.


Are you looking to take your website performance to the next level, improve customer service, and increase sales? Then Magento AMP page embedding is an excellent opportunity to do all this in an online store.