The main goal for business owners is to sales their product/service and to make more profit. Every day, entrepreneurs and marketers coming up with new business strategies, and they make a test of new methods that influencing customer demand.

In 2011, the British Food Journal conducted a study on the practical use of free samples. Customer surveys took place at the grocery store, and the experiment lasted 6 weeks. Each weekend, researchers figured out the mechanism of influence of free samples on the behavior of buyers.

Studies have shown unexpected results. Can you imagine that people are ready to refuse to buy the planned brand in favor of the advertised product?

We developed a PRODUCT SAMPLES module. It is an extension that helps you check the quality of the product and gives you distinct advantages among other stores. Also, it allows you to become more competitive in the e-commerce market, create successful business strategies.

What product do you sell today? Is it food, cosmetics, perhaps building materials, such as paints? Our extension helps the customer order a sample of any product that you want to promote.

Features of the PRODUCT SAMPLES module and its advantages:

  • setting the maximum number of samples;
  • installation of any price for the pattern (possibly free);
  • setting the limit of the available number of samples for one purchase;
  • clear selection and management of products.

To start working with the module, follow the next steps:

  1. Activate the extension.
  2. Go to the Stores>Configuration panel. Here you can indicate the permissible number of product samples when making one order.

    1.Product samples_configuration

    Enabled – to activate the extension, click «Yes.»

    Max Samples - set a limit for the number of goods, with one order.

    2.Product samples_enabled

    Lets go to Catalog> Products . Here you have the opportunity to manage and customize the product. 3.Product samples_catalog

    You can choose any product. And set additional parameters for it as for a sample. For example, you can adjust Price, Weight.

    4.Product samples_goods 5.Product samples_price

    At the same time, on the frontend page of the store, the buyer sees "Order as Sample. "

    6.Product samples_order

    Thus, if the buyer clicks on "Order as Sample," then the sampler of the product falls into the basket.

    7.Product samples_proceed to checkout

    What samples do is they give you a particular desire for something Dan Ariely (behavioral economist at Duke University)

    Keep in mind:

    A sample is one of the best ways for marketing goods, as well as the best tool for an advertising company. Free items can encourage customers to shop and strengthen your store's position in the e-commerce market.

    It is a winning business strategy. Activate our plugin, and you will see that the result will not keep you waiting for a long time.