On a daily basis, store owners are faced with different challenges on how to run a business. During recent times, the needs of customers have changed and there are growing demands. First of all, customers don’t pay attention to the price anymore, they pay attention to quality. Thus creating a business development strategy is very important in the promotion of a company. It is the foundation of success.

The fact that if a businessman has the right orientation concerning the interests of buyers and also knows the features of a competitive market, then he is going to grow. This means that it is very important to listen to customer requests. It is a very flexible strategy. For instance, you own a store that sells sporting goods. You are making use of a business account on Facebook. You understand the demands of customers vary according to seasons and holidays and to anticipate different customer order, we recommend the use of the Facebook Pixel Integration extension.

For example, during the spring season, most people are found buying outerwear. Also, in the summer, people are found ordering shoes and lightweight tracksuits. But how do you keep track of this? As a business owner, it is very vital that you understand what and when to invest. You need to only stock up on popular products. And this extension will provide you with a lot of vital information.

You will gain in-depth knowledge of the needs of customers. Thus, unpopular goods will not become stale on the shelves of the store, because with a very good business development strategy, you will get to sell them quickly.

As an owner of a web store, if you want to install the module, then you should follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the admin panel. And in the left upper corner of the page, click on a “Stores” tab, then click “Configuration”.
  • Enabled- click on "Yes" to activate the module.
  • Fill in your Facebook pixel ID. In order to create a pixel ID, make use of the information in the link below. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-pixel/
  • Enable Dynamic Product Ads – click on "Yes" to enable this feature.
  • Enable View Content Pixel – click on "Yes" to enable this feature. This feature would record everything the customer sees.
  • Enable Search Pixel– by making use of this feature, the administrator will be able to identify the product the buyer is looking for.
  • Enable Add to Cart Pixel– by making use of this feature, you can identify the different products found in the shopping cart.
  • Enable Complete Registration Pixel– by making use of this, you will get detailed information on completion of client registration.
  • Enable Add to Wishlist Pixel– this feature makes it possible to control the products that are added to the wish list.
  • Enable Purchase Pixel– this feature allows you access to see the goods purchased by the customer.
  • Enable Customer Login Pixel– this feature allows you to keep track of the login time.

The administrator has access to view all the events which are displayed by your pixel, for a certain duration.

This feature is built for convenience and is an important indicator of the effectiveness of the store.

So, by making use of the control of certain parameters, the store owner can easily manage their store. For instance, a businessman decides to identify the most popular goods purchased. He has access to information about all the products searched for by customers. In this information, he goes through the last search events.


Add to Wishlist Pixel

Therefore, by making use of the Facebook Pixel Integration extension, you will be able to gain all answers to questions in your mind concerning business development strategy. After you are armed with all the information on the needs of the client, you can make an irresistible offer to him. If you have any enquires, speak to us. Regards, Mageside Team.