CROSS SELL is the most talked-about topic in the marketing world. Every day, during our crusades to a supermarket or a cafe, this concept becomes a reality.

As a rule, people confuse the concepts of CROSS SELL and UPSELL. Why is this happening?

Because the primary goal of UPSELL sales and CROSS SELL is essentially the same. It means to increase the amount of your cart with the motivation of the buyer to spend more money in your store.

Acquiring a new customer is 5–25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. If you keep a customer, they are more likely to spend money in your store and make purchases more often.

What is CROSS SELL sale? And how do they work with the PPU?

CROSS SELL is a method that is also called cross-selling. CROSS SELL is appropriate when the customer is ready to make a purchase. The main idea is to sell related products, for example, from other categories. Оnline stores often use advertisements like: "With this product people usually buy ...". Incredibly, but this technique increases sales by 20-30%.


The world-famous company McDonald's began to offer its customers french fries and cola in every order, with an attempt to increase the total amount of the check. And it worked. Their sales and popularity began to grow steadily.

CROSS SELL could be useful for a different kind of the stores:

  • household appliances and electronics store (service for several years, additional components);
  • perfumery and cosmetics store (products that people usually bought in the complex);
  • butcher shop (selling spices, sauces);
  • camping backpack store (water jar, hiking shoes)
  • shoe store (shoe care products, socks, insoles), etc.

Many owners of online stores think that this method isn't easy to organize and implement, but it is the wrong opinion. Using a module such as PPU helps to configure all CROSS SELL parameters properly.

The algorithm for building a cross-selling system:

  • to identify consumer benefits and competitive advantages of all products;
  • to combine products into groups that complement each other;
  • and to offer bonuses and discounts for customers in the event of the purchase of additional goods.

In this case, if you analyze customer preferences and combine the goods that people usually buy together, you can cross-selling increases business efficiency by several times.

Our PPU module enables the online store to organize CROSS SELL offers much more accessible.

So, the bottom line: The store offers several additional products to the client's order.

For example:

The store offers the customer to purchase a phone case and headphones with the purchase of a phone.

CROSS SELL purchases can become your key to a store income growth. You have to choose the right products for your offers to customers. Which products are better to offer customers to increase the amount of the purchase?

Types could be:

  • random
  • related
  • up-sell
  • cross-sell
  • most viewed with
  • most ordered with
  • condition

The PPU module gives a 100% guarantee and confidence that the buyer will finish the purchase because the client will see the offer with additional goods only after client payment of the initial order complete.

The buyer has the opportunity to supplement his shopping cart with additional goods from a special offer for 10 minutes (that is the time which the store determines).

In this case, there is no need to enter personal data and address from scratch. The system complements the main order automatically.

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