Have you ever dream about to know what other people think? It can probably be one of the most useful superpowers that a person could have! By reading other people's minds, we can behave appropriately. We can know what to advise, to pick the right words to support, and provide real help to another person. Also, we can guess desires and become attractive to lots of people. We could be real wizards for others!

For an entrepreneur, as you are, such a superpower would give a win-win position. You could easily customize the store and make it more convenient than your competitors.

We, at Mageside, can provide you with the opportunity to read other people's minds! Our plugin Multiple Custom Forms for Magento 2 can find out about everything you want to know about the customers by simply asking them!

It's so simple to ask questions to your clients with a convenient form for answers and so simple to receive the information that will help your store to meet customers' desires! Even if you already have a successful business, there's always a way to make your business a bit better.

The answers to these questions will be useful for you, to guess the wishes of your clients in advance:

  • What features in our store do you like?
  • What features/ functionality would you like to have\add into the purchase process on our website?
  • What were the features uncomfortable/ not useful during purchase?
  • What would you change in our store / in our products/shipping methods?
  • Have you already bought something from us?
  • Please, upload the photo of the thing you have bought in our store and tell how long it was in use.
  • What do you not like while using the product?

These and many other questions can be put in various convenient forms: Input Types, Text Field or Text Area; Drop Down list of answers; Multiple Select, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, and more.

You can make checkboxes or radio buttons or even provide your customers with sample answers to choose from. For instance, such a variant will be useful if you want to know more about the preferences of your buyers. You can give a list of products to sell and ask:

  • Which of the things do you buy more often?
  • Which of the listed products do you use most often?
  • What new things would you like to see in our store?
  • What is unlikely to be needed for you from the assortment of our store?

Dropdown lists will help you in a poll where there are too many versions of an answer. The dropdown mechanism will save space on the webpage, and the buyer will find the desired variant easily on the list's alphabet. It may be useful for surveys concerning the regions and countries, for example, if you want to do research in which parts of the world or areas of the country most of your buyers live.

With the gathered information, you will know which exactly segment and place needs your attention, and where you will find with potentially interested people. Thus it increases the number of new buyers and sales.

However, it's essential to ask the right questions to your customers. Questions and answers are crucial to receiving useful feedback, and at the same time, leave customers feeling that they were heard. It isn't superfluous to ask, even if it's considered on the verge of personal, to become much closer with your people behind the screen. For example:

  • How did the product change your life/ What changes the product implements in your life?
  • How has our product influenced you?
  • What would you tell your colleagues or friends about us and our product?
  • What is your favorite thing in our store?
  • Why did you choose our company/ store/ online store?
  • What functionality on our website has exceeded your expectations?

With such questions, you are making customers feel good about you, seeing you as a positive brand and special for them. Without noticing, they form a reputation for your business and a pleasant impression of you.

Be a magician! Find out the wishes of your customers and improve the store to meet every expectation of your buyer. All the efforts will be appreciated!