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Multiple Custom Forms

Create and display a different kind of multiple custom forms on your Magento store right from admin panel.
  • Create any number of forms
  • Configure form with various field types
  • Each field has advanced configuration settings
  • Select a form template
  • Form submissions are stored in database and sent to email
  • Use Google reCAPTCHA
Price: $150.00

Multiple Custom Forms

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Strong communication is vital for creating trust and a feeling of oneness with your customer. Custom forms allow you to give your customers the confidence that you are available and attentive to their needs. Unfortunately, theme customization is expensive. Mageside Multiple Custom Forms changes all that. We make it possible for you to reach out to every customer on every pageā€¦ easily. No developer required. If that means a completely custom form on every single page, you can do it! Feedback, customer satisfaction surveys, contact forms, RMA requests, and a lot more. Our Multiple Custom Forms require no coding, no difficult upgrade plan, and no need for a developer. Just install the extension and begin putting together the forms you need. As an administrator, you can easily configure a form and add the necessary fields (text box, text area, drop-down, radio buttons, checkbox, agreement, file attachments, etc). Then with help of native Magento widgets, you can place forms anywhere on your website. Install Multiple Custom Forms and start collecting data by the end of the day.

Key Features:

  • Create and manage any number of forms
  • Multiple Custom Forms allows an admin to create any number of custom forms, displaying them anywhere in a Magento store. Two or more different forms can be displayed on a single page.

  • Eliminate form spam with reCAPTCHA
  • Google ReCAPTCHA is the most common solution to the overwhelming problem of automated form spam. Google reCAPTCHA is a built in option for proving the agent filling your form is not a bot.

  • Display a meaningful success message
  • To make form filling quick and intuitive, you can create specific success and error messages to show your customers once they have submitted their form.

  • Allow File Uploads or Attachments
  • Many times a user will need to upload a file or an image with their form submission. Most kinds of file upload are facilitated.

  • Specify redirection page
  • Sometimes you need to redirect the customer page once a form is submitted. For instance, a newsletter signup form might redirect to a page of current promotions that the customer might not realize are available yet.

  • Forward form submissions to email
  • Form submissions can be automatically sent to one or more email addresses as specified per form.

  • Set required form fields
  • As you create each form, you can specify which fields are required and which are optional. Required form fields will be marked in the frontend.


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  • Kingman Charlie

    Clear, easy and no issues at all

    Literally has given me opportunities to create various kind of forms I needed. I didn't contact Mageside directly, because the installation was easy and totally clear to me (the same for Backup tp dropbox module).
    On December 2, 2019
  • Fabrice

    Tech Manager

    Good quality & save time

    The code quality if this module is good.
    It able to create own forms without security issue.
    The expected functionality is to integrate the localization in order to translate the form & the fields.
    On January 29, 2018
  • Mike


    Highly recommended

    The extension works great, simple and easy to use for any client; fast to implement and the customer support is great from Mageside team. We bought a couple of extensions and our site works great with them. Thanks guys for making it easier for Magento 2.
    On December 14, 2017