Hohoho, Christmas, and New Year are around the corner. The upcoming winter holidays are an excellent opportunity to increase sales as the demand before the New Year has already been formed.

How can you be more beneficial for customers, and how to stay on top

E-commerce is growing every day, and the market is constantly replenished with new creative projects.

The client is the most prominent critic. And customer interest can be the key to successful Christmas sales. Therefore, there is a need to understand the demand and predict what else would be needed for your customer.

So, when a client visits your website, your goal is not just to sell him the product but to meet all the consumer's needs and even do more than he expects. How? With using the technique of additional sales.

Successful examples of additional sales are complementary items that are offered to customers in addition to their orders. Related products are products that the buyer uses with the already purchased one. It could be some maintenance help, additional parts, accessories, consumables, etc. Examples of such products: a scarf with a hat, thermal underwear with a ski suit, or bedside tables for bed, etc.

Well-known Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay, and others are already offering related products, and thus, without additional advertising costs, their average purchase order increases dramatically.

You've probably come across a similar lure before. You, as a buyer, choose a product, and then you notice recommendations for buying other products in addition. And here, human curiosity kicks in, doesn't it?

This sales tactic is beneficial for both the store and the customer since the store gets more deals and the buyer receives a better service.

Christmas sales with SMART RELATED PRODUCTS module

And so, we figured out the tactics of additional sales. And now we are faced with the challenge of integrating this into the business.

The best practice for all businesses would be the automation of their processes. Magento 2 SMART RELATED PRODUCTS module is a ready-to-use solution for Magento stores that allows you to quickly and easily realize additional Christmas sales. The extension helps the store attract customers' attention and increase the average purchase order by greatly simplifying the administrative processes.

Using the SMART RELATED PRODUCTS module, you can create several offer options for your customers:

  • offering a service in addition to products (insurance, for example);
  • complementary service in addition to more significant service (for apartment cleaning - ironing);
  • offering a product in addition to a service (for a makeup artist - styling product);
  • goods in addition to other goods ( baits and fishing rods, etc.).

How does it work?

For example, you are the owner of an electronics store.

Option 1. Cross-sell

Complement the customer's purchase with a vital accessory or service. It could be anything. For example, when buying a personal computer, offer a printer, scanner, software installation, or usefulness of internet connection setup.

The idea is to provide one customer with more than one product at a single purchase.

It works with warm leads and people that are placing an order. They have already found your store and are ready to spend money here.

Option 2. Upsell

Offer the customer the best purchase alternative. It may be an offer that he cannot refuse. For example, instead of iPhone 12, you can suggest iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, or 13.

The idea is that the buyer has already come to your store. And the only question is the total amount of this purchase. He may spend significantly more in your store than initially intended. SMART RELATED PRODUCTS will help you make your purchase receipt bigger.

Christmas sales

The main mistakes of the additional sales technique

There are some rules that marketers can use to retain customers and avoid losses. The following tips are optional since every business is unique, but you should know them anyway. Read our tips sheet to prevent the potential pitfalls of launching an incremental sales marketing strategy.

Let's pay attention to the following points:

  • Don't overload your product list. The choice should consist of anywhere from three to five product names. An extensive list will confuse the client. People like to have the right to choose, but the sheer number of options makes the decision difficult. Mainly vast choices can postpone the purchase for a long time to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages. Three is the best number when it comes to sales.
  • Analyze prices. In the case of upselling, we recommend offering goods with a price difference of no more than 40%. You can lose a customer if you provide him with a five times more expensive item than what he wanted to buy. The consumer must value the product's reasonable price/quality ratio.
  • Don't impose. The proposal should be clear, understandable but not intrusive. Pop-up cards, animations, compliments, and other gimmicks alienate the consumer. In addition, the buyer may think that they are trying to impose poor quality products on him and will not return to the web store.
  • Relevance. If a person wants to buy a telephone, there is no need to offer him a washing machine. Products must be from the same category. In the case of cross-selling, each related product must have a logical connection with the main one.
  • Counting. In pursuit of increasing the number of Christmas sales, entrepreneurs reduce the prices of goods. Sometimes decreasing the product price reduces the profitability of your marketing. Therefore, before launching a Christmas promotion, you must carefully analyze the costs.
  • Avoid upsell at the time of order payment. There is no need to distract the customer from the purchase at the last moment of buying since there is a risk that the client will leave the page.
  • Do not use cross-sells until the client has decided on the prior purchase. In other cases, it will not be relevant and perceived as the imposition of unnecessary things. These mistakes can lead to the death of the store, so you should pay attention to building a sales strategy and correctly analyze all the successes and failures.


Additional sales technologies are relatively recent and practical; this popularity is based on numerous benefits. Every entrepreneur can implement it as attractive offers. The process does not take much time and money while providing a high income from online sales. Write to us if you need help integrating this technology into your online store.