How to run a successful business; create stability and profitability in business? These are problems which experienced businessmen and new entrepreneurs face. So it can be a quite a worrying problem. However, with the use of Post Purchase Upsells, all the previous problems become solved. Because the module is unique in what it offers. First of all, it is a safe way to boost the number of sales without any serious risks. Adding extra sales is a completely safe process. A factor that guarantees a successful business is the provision of good-quality customer services. Thus, you can assist your customers to locate their purchases and get more profits.

We would inform you about all the opportunities and advantages which are offered to you by the Post Purchases Upsells extension. For instance, once a customer makes a purchase and pays for the order, he is always given an additional list of products. And on this list, the buyer finds goods which are valuable to him and makes several other purchases. This steadily increases the number of orders in the store.

    So, reasons why you need the Post Purchases Upsells extension. It offers you the following:

  • a smart system to display relevant products to your customers;
  • a simple one-click purchases feature;
  • a special offer time;
  • compatibility with different payment methods such as: Stripe, Braintree, Paypal.

    Steps to configure the extension
  1. Navigate to “Stores” and click on "Сonfiguration”.
  2. 1.Stores
  3. Click on “Yes” to activate the extension.
  4. Choose the countdown time. This is the time frame during which the client can make use of your special offer. 2.general
  5. Install Payment Processing.
  6. 3.Payment processing
  7. Complete all additional fields and parameters.
  8. Save your changes by clicking on “Save Сonfig”.

Manage Rules

If you want to add rules to the extension, make use of the following algorithm: Marketing >Manage Rules >Add New Rule 6.Add new rule
    The next thing to do is to complete all the fields; rule name, active, websites, customer groups, priority.
  • Fill in the Rule Name.
  • Click on “Yes” to activate it.
  • Select the different websites to which the rule is applicable.
  • Install customer groups to which the rule is applicable.
  • Set the priority levels of all the rules. This is effectively represented by numbers.
  • 7.Rule inf.
  • Set a time frame for the application of the rule.
  • 8.To apply the rule name
  • Install the different products to offer which would be displayed on the drop-down list.
  • 9Prodacts to offer
  • Complete the parameters in all the specified fields.
  • Title – Fill in the appropriate title.

    Description– Fill in a very comprehensive description of the offer.

    Discount – Set a certain size of the discount for the list of goods after purchase.

    Upsells Items Count – Choose a certain number of products which would be found on the list after purchase. If you need to make use of the config settings, tick “Use Config Settings”.

    Allow to Buy Multiple Items – Make it possible for your client to purchase several products by clicking “Yes”.

    Allowed Max Qty Per Item – Set the maximum amount of items for each type of product. If you need to make use of the config settings, select use config settings.

  • In order to save the specified parameters, click on “Save”.
10.offer settings

Order Status

If a customer places an order and makes the purchases, the order immediately gets the status “Pending Post Purchase” . For instance, you may set a time of 10 minutes for the customer to make a decision about his next purchase. As soon as the customer ass the products and confirms the order, it immediately changes the status to “Processing”.


Payment Transaction Processing

As soon as the customer makes payment for the order and before the “Thank you” page appears, he will be provided with a list of products which the online store offers on special terms and conditions. This type of offer is usually valid for some minutes (this timer is set by the owner of the store). Once there is a paid order, the client adds extra products from the additional list. These products will appear in an existing order. However, this order will contain 2 different transactions which will acquire the status “Processing”.


Post Purchase Upsells Example

Add products to the basket> Go to checkout> Choose Payment Methods > Click “Place Order”

After this, you will be presented with a page of additional products which can be added to the previous order without having to reload the page. Add some of these products to your order and “Сonfirm” the order.


Thus, this means by making use of the Post Purchases Upsells extension, you can acquire more income for your store. If you have any inquiries on the use of this module, our Mageside team is always ready to help you. Contact us and we will deal with your problems.