You can scare any kid by telling him or her horrific horror stories. Scary movies have a terrible effect on teenagers. And if it is your choice to scare any e-commerce entrepreneur, say he or she that his/her business is going to face a rough stage. At certain times, a little call to action may have terrible consequences, and one of the worst things that could happen to an entrepreneur is a loss of business reputation and consumers or a reduction in profit.

In the latter parts of this article, we shall tell stories concerning e-commerce business that should not happen to your business.

  1. Do not make false promises
  2. Everybody likes to be taken seriously. A buyer who feels deceived will significantly affect your business. Whenever you are considering offering discounts on your store, make sure you carefully consider your actions. If you want to sell an obsolete product or a product of no relevance, try to be honest. In such a promotional message, clearly state this information ( for instance, “the remaining quantities of this product are to be picked up at a discount price”). Most of your buyers are learned and will be able to understand the reason behind such a sale. Not providing adequate information on the goods will be the same as lying. Take note that the customers will avoid buying from you and may even offer bad reviews about your store on social media.

    A similar pumpkin with eyesscenario to this happened to Amazon. Amazon made a huge advertisement campaign for its custom Prime Day. Based on the information in the advert, Amazon promised and stated that the sale would be "bigger than Black Friday." This information fascinated the different buyers all around the world and made a lot of people anticipate the proposed date of the sale. Everyone had the desire to buy a brand new technique, clothes, and even electronic devices. The result they got was far from what they expected. Instead of shopping for exciting consumer products, they could only find discounts on movie collections or bulk purchases of machine oil. You can be sure that a lot of customers were displeased.

    Amazon may have reported a grew in sales by 93% on that day, but this was since the complaints of customers attracted a lot more people to view the so-called cheap products. Series of memes and funny posts with hashtag #PrimeDayFail became popular on the internet. A lot of these goods on Amazon became famous for the wrong reasons. The effect of adverse publicity can be amazing. However, it is better not to involve your store in negative experiments and pay more attention to promises made.

    memes about Prime Day

    Prime Day failed not just because of some other reasons than failed promises. The Homepage of the Prime Day was not valid. All the links on the homepage only led to errors.

    pumpkins with eyes

    Best Buy also has a very similar problem. It is the widespread knowledge that there are shopping seasons and shopping holidays. So buyers always expect a lot. Best Buy suffered a crashed during its Black Friday in 2014. The problem was because this online store was unable to handle the traffic that visited the site. Buyers were unable to choose goods or even make orders. On such essential days, do not make things difficult for your buyers. I hope that your store does not experience terrible events like this. Therefore, make plans against it.

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  3. Creating ads for a wrong target audience
  4. In batgeneral, everyone is lazy. We are lazy to spend long hours and a lot of effort in trying to locate the best product for us in top quality and at affordable prices. We would all love the introduction of artificial intelligence to online stores which would be able to recognize or desire and help us make the best purchase option. The truth is there is already something like that. Technology is constantly changing. Now, by collecting personal information about you, you will be provided with a list of recommended products that will undoubtedly contain some of the products you want to purchase. A lot of stores are quite successful in doing this. They are honestly interested in advertising products that you would love to buy.

    However, you will need to choose target groups to prevent with these recommendations. A teenage boy is likely to be uninterested in a cosmetic set. A girl will find no joy in purchasing a cleaning kit for weapons that “will cost lesser than purchased goods.” A businessperson will also be displeased if presented with information about discounts from a spa. Do your best to avoid the Staples error that provided a suggestion of Tampax to a guy on his Facebook page.

    suggestion of Tampax screenshot

  5. SEO Optimization

Another critical part of commerce is SEO optimization. You would be astonished at the number of opportunities that you are missing due to the use of a bad SEO strategy. The issue is that nobody will tell you how to take advantage of these opportunities. At different conferences, we have heard shocking stories about what happened to Hasbro, a leading company for the manufacture of toys.

My pink pony in witch costumeLittle Pony was a toy series released in the early 1980s. From the onset, this toy series became popular. The popularity was enough to push the company to become a huge success. However, the company only made the groundbreaking fortune when it manufactured something a lot of people considered trivial. It is a widespread knowledge that to move up in Google required the use of specific tools. One of the essential tools is keywords. According to our speaker, Hasbro decided upon discovery to add the word "pink" to the keywords of "my little pony." “Pink Pony” had done an excellent work just like the magic wand. Thanks to such an addition, the number of searches spiked by almost thrice the amounts.

Have you started to realize that this is among one of the incredible choices that could work for you? You will understand that some opportunities are closer to your business and will help you increase sales, but you do not know the best chance.

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It would be a big mistake to assume that an e-commerce business would run without any losses. The size of the injury may vary, but it will surely be painful. The best way to minimize losses for your business is a decision to be taken by you. It may be through hiring specialist or even following e-commerce news or investing more money in the business. There is no unique method but in the article "Tools for rocketing your personal Online Business," there are some essential aspects that can be used to develop your business effectively.

Keep alert! Happy Halloween! Oh, and of course, trick-or-treating!!!

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