The warm autumn days will pass and the cold winter evening will be ushered in. There is a secret desire for warmth, comfort and good mood for everyone. The most anticipated holidays in history all over the corners of the worlds are Christmas and New Year. The winter holiday is a part of every home. However, the holidays are incomplete without any gifts. Everyone is always in a mood to share gifts with different friends and family.

It causes a mood of happiness and satisfaction. People always crowd the stores to get the best gifts. These ushers in a season of sales and different opportunities. This is a very good time for shop owners to introduce different products to their store. A store owner can offer new products to customers while still selling the old ones and empty your shelves. Do you want to find a way to send congratulatory messages containing holiday reports on different promotions to your customers? Get the Email Preview extension. It has all you need for better Magento email templates previewing.

This extension is made up of different interesting features:

  • This module allows you to create a template using authentic data from your store and view it.
  • It offers the ability to edit patterns.
  • You can send emails to your personal email address to get a preview of what your customer will receive.
  • It offers exclusive access to view templates only by the administrator.

Imagine yourself as the CEO of one of the biggest online stores that deal in modern gadgets. If you decide to offer very attractive discounts to your customers during the winter holidays, you get to test the effectiveness of your email using the Email Preview extension.

It is quite simple to do by following these steps.

  1. Navigate to your Stores and click on "Configuration".
  2. 1._Stores
  3. After that, select "Yes" and click on “Save Config”.
  4. 2.Configuration

  5. If you desire to have a preview of the letter before sending it out, you can do this by clicking:
  6. Marketing >Email Templates >Add New Template


  7. You will be provided with different template options. Select the Email Template. Click Load Template. Upon selection of this template, the Template Subject and Template Content will be automatically filled up. Enter Template Name.
  8. 4._Load_template


    Whenever considered necessary, you can add different other variables. To add other variables, click on “Insert Variable” and select additional contact information store.


    Go ahead to save the template.


    When this is done, the template will appear in the list.


  9. If you want to view the email, click on “Preview” and complete all required fields.
    • Destination store view- select an option from the list;
    • Customer Email - the email address of the buyer;
    • Input the logo URL;
    • Input the Alt logo.


  10. In order to view the letter through email, input the Email of the desired destination and click on “Send email”.
  11. After that, you will receive an email preview on the desired email address.
  12. 11._Letter

Customers really appreciate the perfect promotion letter without any errors in the discounts and promotions. We are happy to work with you. Happy New Year holidays from our team.

You can always reach us. You can contact us for any inquiries on how to preview Magento email templates.