On a daily basis, the pace of life increases. People who stay in megacities end up thinking and moving faster. Online shopping has become more popular and has become a part of us.

The e commerce business is getting bigger, and competition is getting stiffer. How do you create the right image for your company? How can you create a store that places more importance on your customer?

People crave care and attention. Everyone loves to be in a special relationship with something or someone. It is time for store owners to accept this.

Do you plan on informing the customer about new products in stock? Do you want to send them congratulatory messages on their birthday and offer special discounts? How do you plan on reminding them about your services? We suggest you deal with all these questions by using our particular Email Preview module for Magento 2.

This extension allow for easier communication between you and your clients. You also be able to write different letters to your clients and create individual text templates or use already prepared ones. You also get the opportunity to preview the finished version of the letter by sending it to your email address. It helps to eliminate all types of errors and misunderstanding between you and your client. You can view the letter and address all the issues before sending it.

This help you ensure that all letter sent can work correctly and pass the right form of information without any loss in the text.


  • View letters using your browser from the backend
  • Quick data editing
  • Create different message templates
  • Preview of the client’s letter

To gain access to the Email Preview extension, it must be activated and given permission. To do this:

  1. Navigate to "Stores" and select “Configuration”
  2. stores
  3. Select “Yes” and click on “Save”
  4. configuration
  5. To preview the email, it is essential to create an email template. To do this, click on the following in succession: Email Templates > Add new template add_new_template
  6. From the drop-down menu, load the required template.
  7. load_template As soon as the template loads, the template subject and content fills automatically. You can also create a new template. To do this, you would need to fill in the following fields:
    • Template Name - enter the name of the template ;
    • In Template Subject-enter the theme of the template ;
    • Template Content -write template content;
    • The last - Template Styles.
    Html tags are used in the creation of templates styles. new_template After filling in the details, save your template, and it would appear on the list. template list
  8. To preview the email, you need to input information into the following fields and click “Preview”
    • Destination Store View - select an option from the list;
    • Enter the Order Increment Id;
    • Type the logo URL;
    • Enter the Alt logo.
  9. To view an e-message via email, click “Send to Email”.
  10. send_to_email
  11. After that input the email address you will like to send the preview to.
  12. email_adress
  13. You will get the preview letter on the email provided.
  14. letter

    For any inquiries, contact us. We will always be at your service you solve your problem.

    Sincerely, Mageside Team.