According to statistics, people make thousands of online purchases every day. Statista states that Global retail sales will grow to $ 4.8 trillion by 2021. Have you noticed that the same product in different stores may cost differently? Let's see what the reason is here. It doesn't matter what precisely the client is ordering: products, equipment, or building materials. In any case, the goods always go with packaging.

The idea is that the expensive package cause increasing the price of a product. Quite often, the price of the box is much higher than the cost of the product itself. Also, the outer packaging usually needs just once, and it goes to the trash afterward.

To reduce the price of goods, companies should think about improving their logistics solutions. It can be an accurate calculation of the packaging costs using the right extension that allows you to save some extra cost by fitting the order into the right size package. For example, you can make it by using the Dimensional shipping module for Magento 2.

The uniqueness of the module:

  • automatically calculates smart packaging based on product sizes and box sizes based on previous admin's rules;
  • integrated with Canada Post, FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS;
  • takes into account the uniqueness of the individual parameters of your products;
  • supports all types of products (configurable, simple, grouped, bundle).

This extension allows you to create custom packaging for any product in your store, even if it is a large-sized product or a product with weird configurations. An admin sets up specific rules for the module to automatically define the package dimensions for each product and, as a result, the price.

Depending on the value of the product and individual characteristics of the material (for example: fragility), you can use different packaging. And, of course, the price is calculated individually. You get exact shipping rates based on product dimensions.

The price of packaging always forms the price of the goods. And either the buyer or the store pays for it. That is why the price of the same product in different stores can cost differently.

The Dimensional shipping module allows you to make an accurate calculation of the tariff for packaging products and thus rationally use the budget. It's very convenient, isn't it?

With that module, there is no need to overpay for a one-time use of packaging. The business has no losses, and the buyer doesn't scare over the price.

If you want to know more details about the Dimensional shipping extension on Magento 2, check this page or send us an email.

Stay safe!