How to Use Coupons?

Do you know that most customers who used coupons intended to revisit the web store? Everyone loves to apply coupons because of two reasons: first is for great deals, second is to enjoy a small present from the vendor.

Stores use these two natural desires to make more clients. You can find discounts and promo actions on every web site. If you still don't use coupons, it's time to add this tool to your marketing strategy. Besides, it brings new visitors to your store but also increases the loyalty of your already existing clients.

Why are coupons effective?

Coupon_error Imagine an ordinary day of an average man. If he needs to buy something, he has a choice of two stores near him - "A" and "B." The "A" store is the closest, but the man always chooses the "B" store because he likes its loyalty programs, which include coupons aswell. It means that even if you cant change your store location, you can still grab customers implementing a proper marketing strategy. In the web markets the same situation: a specific set of clerky tools can make more than you imagine.

So, do not ignore such a powerful tool as a coupon mentioned above. However, cards have their nuances.

For example, what will you do when the customer uses an incorrect promotional code, or someone tries to bypass the system and enters the wrong numbers intentionally? The correct answer is - showing the error message. And here do not let things slide, make sure you do not scare away your customer. You can create an excellent text to provide a pleasant user experience even in this situation.

Follow these tips while writing a correct coupon error message:

  • do not use negative words and uppercase text;
  • be informative - show the user what to do next;
  • never blame the customer;
  • give only specific instructions.

How to implement all your thoughts to the error message? There is a simple solution - COUPON ERROR MESSAGE for Magento 2. Install the extension, create the text, and the extension will do the rest for you.

If you have some questions or still hesitating - ask our crew =)