Magento 2 AJAX extension: Easy Cart as the rhythm of shopping

The entire shopping process can be likened to just listening to music. Haven’t you noticed it? Researches from western Europe during the 1970s indicated an exciting fact. The tempo and style of music affect about 80% of the speed and movement of different customers on shelves, the time they spend in the store and the number of goods purchased. When slow music plays, the average purchase value rose by about 38% in comparison to fast sounding music. In cafes, fast music was a catalyst for increasing purchase values. The term “functional music” was first used in the US during the middle of the 20th century. During that time Muzak Ltd was the leading supplier of music to different US supermarkets. The style of music adopted by Muzak Ltd led to a 46% increase in sales.

Music and Online Stores

It headphoneis practically impossible to make use of music in online stores. If you automatically add music to your web page, it can either make or break your entire sales. You would find out that your buyers make their purchases in the midst of a lot of people. They would find it unattractive to have music playing from their gadgets as soon as they connect to your store. It is however easy to believe that the effect of music on the amount and speed of purchases is due to the similarity to the processes of listening to music and shopping. A perfect example is that when a buyer is making acquisitions, he wants the process to run hitch-free and not interrupted by anything as when he is listening to music.

Imagine a scenario where you visit an online store to purchase products for the week. You can navigate to the “Vegetables" section and choose products from your list. On the page, you can select "tomatoes," and within 1-2 seconds you can get the tomatoes page. After this, you can then select the type and quantity of tomatoes, add it to the cart by clicking "Add to Cart" and continue with the shopping by clicking "Continue Shopping." Again within 1-2 seconds, you will redirect to the general page, and the process of purchasing starts again. The "Products" page, the new page "Vegetables" then entering of the product name, etc. This entire process can be quite tiring. This process can be likened to the situation in which a user is listening to a particular song, and you have to search for the next song through different folders. It is also equally irritating.

What if we told you that the entire shopping process could run smoothly without having to load different pages. It is very much possible. By using our Easy Cart module, you can easily make purchases of various goods just like listening to your best track continuously.

What is Easy Cart?

Easy Cart is a simple way to make purchases on your store smoothly without any disturbance. It is achieved by taking advantage of the features provided by our module.

By girl listening to musicdefault, Magento will give you a page which has a lot of steps to purchase any item. Navigations between different pages are time-consuming and exhaust a lot of traffic. It can lead to a form of overloading and bagging in your store. "Every click adds cost." In other words, it means that the harder it is to navigate through the purchase process, the higher the number of "under-executed" orders and abandoned carts.

The Easy Cart creates a purchasing process that is quite easy. It means users can add products to the baskets, select the size, color, quantity and other parameter and then go on to make purchases without having to download a new page. Users can gain such access on either a category or product page. There is no need to upgrade, restart or open a new page. Simplifying the process makes it easier for customers to understand your website. It means your customers can focus more on their purchases.

Another headphones in handuseful feature of this plugin is that you can easily advertise your goods immediately the buyer has made a selection of the product parameters and added it to the basket. Previously, after inputting such parameters and adding it to the basket, a success message is displayed merely. However, if you make use of this custom setting, a list of products and a success message will be displayed.

Another benefit of the Easy Cart extension is that it assists the buyer in managing its cart. The buyer is easily able to remove the products or alter the number of products in the Cart. It will help to save the amount of time spent on shopping because the shopping cart extension will be updated automatically via Ajax.

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Support Magento options and product types

You can rest assured that the Magento 2 color switch is supported. It means your client will be able to view update product images while switching the color or style of the product. It means the customer could select the different parameters like size, color and other variations from the Category page. Prices and images will naturally update based on this selection.

This plate of cookiesmeans the client can quickly delete the product if the client does not want to buy the selected item but decides to keep shopping. As soon as the buyer picked all the necessary parameters and wanted to make the purchase, he will add the good to the cart by clicking on "Add to Cart," and after that, a success message will display on the screen. It will provide another option in which you can either continue shopping or "Proceed to Checkout." All native Magento and Magento 2 product types are supported on this module. Easy Cart makes the entire shopping process more comfortable, regardless of the product type.

Easy installation and configuration

The staff at Mageside works hard to make it easier to adapt our modules to your stores. You will be able to quickly set up this module by following the simple steps that are designed for your store. We are always ready to deal with any questions and challenges. We will provide support during the multiple stages of installation and customization. You can easily contact us to make your store run better.

If you have any questions, please write a comment below the article or contact our support team.