Mageside has legalized its partnership with Stripe, and we are proud to present you with this exciting news! Presently, we have designed a module; Stripe payments to become the tool that helps your business utilize the resources of Stripe in Magento 2!

Did you know that only about 3% of the whole Gross Domestic Product is found online? That is why we are eager at Mageside to join the Stripe Partner Program. By becoming a part of this program, our customers can benefit, from a combination of the technology of Mageside and the effective payment platform of Stripe. At Mageside, we believe that our association with Stripe, we have a mission to draw more commerce online and boost the GDP of the internet. Elimination of different barriers aids new business in getting started and boosts sales into all corners of the world.

Every e-commerce platform should look forward to gaining the confidence of the customer. E-commerce ensures that your clients trust you before doing business with you and most people are not ready to trade with a new company. Creation of a secure and reliable means of payment for product purchase is beneficial in creating customer confidence. Obviously, the safe payment method indicates your responsibility and makes you unique from other businesses.

Providing Mageside.Magento_robot.Stripe.Overview.1.a means of support which is compatible with different customer platforms and can easily be manipulated is a clear indication of a high level of commitment from the company. On a small scale, you need to look into the most renowned and reliable software platforms since you can convert a good number of their users into your customers.

Definitely, Stripe is one of the best payment platforms.

It combines all the necessary features, tools and possibilities to implement Internet commerce manipulations. Also, it allows for the protection of credit and debit card and the acceptance of PCI compliant for the safe delivery of payment into the web store.

Our module ensures that Stripe payment services now utilize on all Magento 2 stores. The Stripe payment module allows users the ability to perform all the regular Magento payment activities. By doing this, you can control payments and create orders from the admin panel. Specific actions such as Magento Vault, refunds, partial refunds, invoicing and partial invoicing and so on are made available.

Furthermore, Mageside.Magento_robot.Stripe.Overview.2.jasides the necessary manipulations, we have designed the module with new features made available on Stripe. The module makes it possible to handle multi-currency orders and customize expired transaction processing. It is now accessible enough to make use of different types of credit cards from different countries and the use of different Stripe accounts for a variety of websites.

To make it possible to make payment for your products via Stripe, you need to undergo some simple steps. First of all, you have to create a merchant account (you can register here) and connect it to the Stripe Payments module.

Stripe charges include 1.4% plus 20p for European cards and 2.9% plus $30 per successful transaction for non-European cards. The pricing of different countries is made available here.

Backend configuration

Stores -> Configuration-> Sales -> Payment Methods -> Stripe Payments by Mageside

To activate the Stripe Payments extension, click on yes in Enable this Solution radio button.

In the Title field, the admin should input the title which would be viewed on the store.

Payment action makes it possible for the admin to choose the type of payment action; Authorize and Capture or Authorize. Learn more about the different payment actions from this article: Difference between "Authorize" and Authorize and Capture.

In certain instances where the admin makes an authorization without instant capturing, uncaptured authorizations become expired in 7 days. It means the admin should know the next line of action whenever an attempt is made to capture such an authorization. You can find two options in the “Expired Authorizations” dropdown list. These options include; Show error message to admin and do not capture, and If a customer has a stored card, try to create a new charge. The sum will only be charged when it is made available on the payment card.

In the “Test Mode,” the admin can activate the test mode by clicking on yes.

Admin will have the publishable key during the creation of the Stripe account.

It should be filled in the field named “Publishable key.” The admin should fill in the secret key in the “secret key” field.


In preferred currency, the admin should choose among the accepted currencies: base or store currency. Store currency means the currency utilized on the store. Base Currency means the currency utilized on the Stripe Platform. The status of any new order will be chosen based on the chosen variants in the New order status field.


If you want to save some customer cards on the Stripe servers, enable the vault by clicking on Yes in Vault Enabled. This feature would make it easier for customers to utilized saved cards during their next purchases.

To enable the CVV verification, click on Yes.


The admin should pick a choice of card types allowed on the extension from the field named “Credit Card Types.” The admin should fill in an arbitrary string in the Transaction Descriptor field. It displays on the credit card statement received by the customer. The field has a limit which extends up to 22 characters. Make use of {order_no} as the placeholder for the order number.


Stripe notifies customers with email receipts after successful refunds and payments if the admin clicks on yes in the “Stripe Email Receipts” field. The admin can choose the maximum and minimum order total in the “Maximum Order Total” field and “Minimum Order Total” field.

Also, the admin can choose the sort order in the “Sort Order” field.

In the next field named “Payment from Applicable Countries,” the admin can choose the countries that can make payments into your store. If the admin decides to choose certain countries, the next option then becomes possible. In this option, the admin should choose the different countries eligible for payment.



Do you want to know how the extension works? It is quite easy. First of all, you have to log onto our demo store or if you already have the module on the store, navigate to the store page.

Add your chosen products to the Card and then navigate to the checkout page.


After that, complete the payment form and tick on Save for later user to save the credit data.


As soon as the customer places another order at another time, he may decide to use any of the saved credit cards by doing the following: Create the order ->choose one of the saved credit cards during checkout.

The customer will also be able to delete stored payment methods in the “Stored Payment methods” field. Also, the customer could get to see his “Order Status Page” and get more information about the order.


Backend Checkout Payment Form from the Admin Panel

Whenever you are making an order from the backend of the Magento 2 store, the admin has access to the same options as the checkout in the frontend. You may either decide to choose the stored card for a particular customer or input a new card then save it for later use.

Order->Create new order->Choose the customer OR create new customer->Submit Order

The information concerning this order would be found on the order status page.


Invoice Processing

First thing to remember, Stripe utilizes a payment method that comprises just two steps. These steps involve the authorization of a charge and to capture it later. After authorization of the charge, the necessary amount held on the customer’s card for 7 days.

The admin should make sure a settlement is made before the expiration of time. In some other cases, the funds are released because of a canceled authorization.

The Stripe module allows site owners to charge for invoice total amount as a new transaction. This function is only available for customers who have a stored credit card and who have also requested funds into their bank's accounts.

Void/cancel Authorizations

Every admin has the right to cancel the transaction even when authorized but with no capture. In a situation like this, the transaction will be released, and the manipulation would be performed from the admin panel.

To cancel the transaction, you have to navigate to Orders->Order->Transactions->Void. A success notification of the payment cancellation would appear. The result of the canceled transaction will immediately be displayed on the Stripe page.



Stripe allows customers to receive and make payments in a variety of currencies. It has a feature which accumulates the different currencies on separate balances. Stripe is designed to avoid exchange fees, so if possible, it would send a payout to a connected debit card or bank account responsible for each of the currencies automatically.

The extension Stripe payments allow the admin to choose if to process payments with the base currency or the actual order currency.

Refund Processing

The Online Credit Memo function is considered to be one of the most useful functions that the extension offers. The extension makes refunds for a captured transaction. In other words, the money will be sent back the customer’s bank account if the store is refunding them. There are two types of refund namely; refunding full and partial refund. A partial refund can be quite helpful in specific scenarios. For instance, as soon as a customer completes an order and some of the goods are finished in the stock, and the store has to refund only a part of the total payment. This module makes it quite easy to effect all the manipulations from the admin panel. To partially refund a percentage of total payment, navigate to Orders -> select a necessary order -> Invoices -> select the Invoice -> Credit Memo -> select by the mark what products to refund -> click Refund In order to do a full refund to the customer on order, you have to navigate to Orders -> select a necessary order and click to View -> Invoices -> select the Invoice -> Credit Memo - > click on Refund.

Invoices Credit_Memo new_memo

There will be an immediate change due to the partial refund on the Stripe Page.

The Stripe payments extension also supports the instant purchase feature.

Important to realize, that the instant purchase is beneficial for customers who have saved shipping and billing addresses and default stored cards in the Magento Vault. This type of customers can make one-click purchases.