The e-commerce segment is continually evolving. According to recent studies, , the number of purchases through online stores is overgrown. Statista predicts that e-commerce revenue will grow to $ 6.54 trillion in 2022.

Very often, companies do not withstand fierce competition and close down. If you want to be at the top level among e-commerce businesses, you must be aware of the current market trends.

Digital transformation is key to a successful business. Get ready for a busy future of online sales. We invite you to learn about new trends in 2020. Knowing the most relevant trends in the development of e-commerce business for the coming year, you can easily adapt your business to new conditions. And become a leader among other online stores.

Catch the Top 4 e-commerce business trends for the coming year:

  • PWA
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Social networks
  • Analytics and reporting

PWA- Progressive Web Applications

PWAs blur the line between sites and mobile apps. I mean that PWA can be understood as a website built using web technologies. But along with this, it interacts with the user as an application. You can add PWA to the main screen of the smartphone. You can also send push notifications, access the hardware of the device, and work offline too.

Benefits of use:

  • download speed on mobile devices;
  • ability to work offline;
  • sending out push notifications to users;
  • easy one-click installation.

Artificial intelligence

lue_brain2.AI is a field of science that creates machines and computer programs with knowledge. It is a trend that is at the top of the best tools of the e-commerce business and not for the first year, I’ll say. AI is capable of instantly solving tasks for which a person sometimes needs a week, or maybe more. Automating processes within the company using AI reduces the cost of material resources, time, the number of personnel involved, and simplifies the marketing and sales of the company.

Social network

The secret of a successful business is to work with leaders of opinion. It is the start of the era of instant messengers and targeted ads on social networks. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat is the best source for collecting information, as well as a review of the communications market. Social networking platforms in 2020 will become even more interactive. And users will be able to make purchases without leaving the platform at all.

Using social media, an entrepreneur selects a target audience by geolocation, age, gender, marital status, interests, and education. Companies are increasingly using this channel of communication. And thus always stay in touch with their customers.

Analytics and reporting

Who are visited your page? Where is he? Why did he interrupt the purchase? You can get answers to all these questions from a sensible web analytics specialist. Digital analytics is an integral part of marketing. Businesses use popular programs such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, to get answers to many questions about business progress.

Blue_brain1.Mageside Every buyer is essential for commercial projects. Therefore, tracking and analysis of customer behavior on the website provide the main tips for proper business planning. Successful brands build a marketing plan based on the collected information about the customer. For example, Prudential Singapore launched a project in 2016 in which customers, by voting, participated in the development of a new product. Thus, communication between customers and businesses increased the brand’s popularity and also increased the number of sales.

We talked about the Top 4 e-commerce business trends of the coming year. Choose the right direction for marketing. Use business transformation to promote your company, and start adapting your business today.

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