Google is changing the rules of website ranking. Now the load speed of websites is becoming increasingly important. Hence the reason why is the popularity of Progressive Web App is steadily growing.

Are you familiar with PWA?

The term Progressive Web Application (PWA) was coined by designer Frances Berriman and Google Chrome engineer Alex Russell back in 2015. Technology is attracting attention with the easiest implementation and virtually contact with the user.

PWA is a front-end solution, which is an application and communicates with the backend through the API. It is a technology in web development that uses some of the features of a typical native application.

The implementation of PWA gives real results:

PWA Features

  • Speed: PWA creates speedy work by caching pages.
  • Reliability: even with an unstable connection, the site runs smoothly.
  • Responsiveness: Progressive Web Apps are suitable for any device! (Desktop, mobile, tablet).
  • Security: PWA uses only the HTTPS connection. It is a guarantee that no one will be able to interfere with your application without proper permission.
  • Availability: According to the W3C manifest*, PWA works as an application. It is easier to find PWAs thanks to the Service Workers* registration. It allows the search engines to find PWA easily.
  • *W3C manifest - it is a simple JSON file, which contains the information about your web application (as name, authorship, icon, description).

    *Service Worker - it is a network script that works on the background and decides where the content downloads from the cache or server.

  • Installation: Users can "store" icons of the most useful PWAs on their home screen without using app stores.
  • Links: Progressive Web App can easily share by URL and does not require complicated installation.

Question and Answer:


Is PWA the best solution?

By far, this technology is a more advanced solution.

What are the main signs of PWA?

Required elements are: Manifest, Service Worker, push notifications, and offline mode.


What will happen if the browser does not support this technology?

The user will see a standard responsive version of the website.

How much is PWA implementation costs?

Building a Progressive Web App is much cheaper than building a Native application. You don't need to use a separate team of Android, and iOS developers as once created PWA works on all of them as same.

Bonus: you don't need to wait for any app store acceptance approval as you won't need it at all! If you're interested in building one, contact us to find out all the details about PWA development at Mageside.


How to discover the PWA characteristics of an existing website?

You can use Google Lighthouse to test PWA on a site. You should include the Progressive Web Apps report.

Checking PWA with browser tools:

  1. Leave one tab with the site you want to check;
  2. Press F12 on the keyboard (use PC);
  3. Go to the "Audit" tab;
  4. Select the mobile or PC version to check;
  5. We see that the "Progressive Web App" check is enabled;
  6. Turn on a simulated slow Internet connection;
  7. Clear browser cache;
  8. Click the "Perform Audit" button.


And in the report, you can see the details of all the characteristics of the PWA.


The implementation of PWA-related technologies runs at a rapid pace. A few years ago, it was difficult even to imagine that. But now, we can confidently say that using PWA is one of the best ways to optimize SEO, speed up downloading, and set up customer engagement, even offline.

Improve your business with us, and together we can get successful!