Powerful weapon for your Magento 2 store: Customer Reviews

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of e-commerce, where every click holds the potential for a sale and every customer interaction is a chance to shine, there exists a critical secret weapon that you must wield: customer reviews. Amidst this expansive digital landscape, where countless online stores vie for attention, it's no longer sufficient to merely offer products. Instead, it's about crafting an unforgettable shopping experience.

Consider this scenario: A prospective shoppers lands on your website, in search of that perfect product. They approach with caution, seeking assurance and guidance from those who have traversed this path before. And where do they turn for this assurance? To the voices of satisfied customers who have already embarked on their shopping journey with you.

Positive reviews, akin to shining stars in the night sky, possess the power to guide these wandering shoppers, drawing them closer to your digital storefront. They instill trust, inspire confidence, and have the potential to transform hesitant browsers into enthusiastic buyers.

Now, the million-dollar question arises: How can you illuminate your online store with an abundance of these precious stars, these customer reviews that serve as beacons? The answer is surprisingly straightforward: Enter the One Page Reviews module for Magento 2 - a clever, effortless solution designed to help you gather invaluable customer feedback like never before.

One Page Reviews module for Magento 2

The One Page Reviews module for Magento 2 stands as a robust extension that simplifies the process of collecting and managing customer reviews. This innovative tool empowers you to send reminder emails to your customers, encouraging them to share reviews for the products they've purchased after a set number of days. Here's how it operates:

Automated review reminders: Picture a customer who has recently completed a purchase from your online store. With the One Page Reviews module, you can configure it to dispatch review reminder emails, for instance, two weeks after the order has been placed. This strategic timing ensures that your customers have had the opportunity to experience the products.

Inclusive of all purchases: What sets this module apart is its capability to encompass all of a customer's previous orders within the review reminder email. If a customer has made multiple purchases from your store, the email will display all pertinent products, encouraging a more comprehensive feedback submission.

User-friendly interface: When customers click on the email link and arrive at your website to leave a review, they will be greeted by a single page that showcases all the products they've purchased. This streamlined interface allows customers to swiftly leave reviews for all their products without navigating away. Crucially, no authentication is required, as the email link contains a unique token, ensuring a seamless process.

Key features of One Page Reviews module

  • All products bought by a customer are displayed on one page for convenient reviewing.
  • Customers can leave reviews without the need for authentication, ensuring a frictionless experience.
  • Set up a delay before sending review reminder emails, select the day and time for sending, and customize the email template's styles, fonts, and colors.
  • Specify the number of recently bought products to display in the review reminder email.
  • Add a promotion block to the email template to incentivize customers to leave more reviews.



  • To activate the Review Newsletter extension, choose "Yes."

Order Status:

  • Select the order status from the provided list.
One Page Review.Configuration.1

Delay before Email Sending:

  • Specify the number of days before a preview email is sent.

Max Emails per Day:

  • Define the maximum number of emails sent per day to avoid being flagged as a spam sender.

Recently Bought Products:

  • Set the number of recently purchased products to be displayed in the review newsletter. This feature serves as a reminder for customers to leave reviews for their recent purchases.
One Page Review.Configuration.2

Promotion Block:

  • Create a custom message to be shown to customers in the promotion block.

Email Sender:

  • Choose an email sender from the available list.

Email Template:

  • Once you've created an email template, it will be listed for selection. You can also choose a default template.

Time of Day to Send Emails:

  • Specify the time when the email preview will be sent.
One Page Review.Configuration.3

Email Template Creation

To create a new email template for the Review Newsletter extension, follow these steps: Navigate to Marketing > Communications > Email Template.

One Page Review.Configuration.4

Select "Add New Template."

Choose "Review Newsletter" from the template list and click "Load Template." You can customize the template's styles, text, fonts, and more.

Enter a name for the new email template in the "Template Name" field.

Edit the subject of the email template in the "Template Subject" field.

Customize the content of your email template in the "Template Content" section.

Modify or add new styles to the email template in the "Template Styles" section.

One Page Review.Configuration.5

Leaving a Review:

When a customer places an order, you can configure when they will receive a review newsletter through the configuration settings. For instance, a customer who purchased products will receive the review newsletter within a specified number of days.

One Page Review.Configuration.6

Creating Reviews:

After receiving an email preview, customers can follow the link from the email to create reviews. They do not need to log in to leave a review as the extension provides a unique link.

One Page Review.Configuration.7
  1. Fill in all the required fields and click the "Submit Review" button.
  2. One Page Review.Configuration.8
  3. Upon submitting a review, a success message will be displayed.
  4. One Page Review.Configuration.9
  5. Multiple reviews for previously purchased products can be added on a single page, eliminating the need to visit individual product pages.

Approving a Review:

To approve a customer's review, follow these steps:

The customer clicks "Leave Review" to submit a review. In the admin panel, navigate to the "Reviews" section to find the new review with a "Pending" status. Click "Edit" to access the review details.

Modify the following fields:

  • Product, Author, Summary Rating (customer account fields).
  • Detailed Rating (set your own rating).
  • Status (select the review's status).
  • Visibility (select the review's visibility).
  • Nickname (customer's nickname).
  • Summary of Review (summary provided by the customer).
  • Review (the text of the customer's review).
One Page Review.Configuration.10

If the review is approved, change the status to "Approved" and click "Save Review." The review will then appear on the product's page.

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If the icons of the products in the review newsletter email are not displaying, follow these steps: Go to Stores > Configuration > General > Web > Base URLs + Base URLs (Secure).

Base URLs:

  • Specify the URL of your store in "Base URL."
  • Set the base link URL of your store in "Base Link URL."
  • For "Base URL Static View Files," type as shown in the screenshot.
  • For "Base URL for User Media Files," type as shown in the screenshot.
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Base URLs (Secure):

<img data-pagespeed-no-defer src=

In the "Secure Base URL for Static View Files" and "Secure Base URL for User Media Files" fields, type as shown in the screenshot.