Preparing Magento 2 store for Easter Celebration: Inspiration for any product niche

The global community is bound by shared holidays and traditions, with Easter being one of the most prominent celebrations, not just for Christians. This holiday commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and is imbued with powerful symbolism, signifying the triumph of life over death celebration of hope and new beginnings. Although the date of Easter is not constant and changes each year, it always falls in the springtime, a season of rebirth, rejuvenation, and renewal in nature, when the chill of winter gives way to warmth and sunlight.

Apart from its religious significance, the Easter holiday is also culturally significant. In many countries, people mark the occasion with vibrant parades, traditional cuisine, and customary rituals. This time of the year is an exceptional opportunity for loved ones to come together, share meals, converse, and revel in each other's company.

How does Easter affect consumer behaviour?

All holidays in a certain way, affect the consuming people's behavior. According to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, Easter spending is expected to surpass previous records, with an estimated $24 billion this year. In comparison, in 2022, buyers spent $20.8 billion, and the previous high was $21.7 billion.

The NRF's research indicates that nearly half of those who don't celebrate Easter are willing to take advantage of the holiday-related promotions too. It begs the question, what motivates people to spend such a significant amount during Easter? Well, we have an answer to this question too. The research uncovered essential data on the factors that impact people's purchasing decisions during Easter. The statistics indicate that:

  • 63% of people are influenced by traditions;
  • 31% buy holiday-themed products for friends or family;
  • 29% deliberately wait for and take advantage of appealing promotions and discounts;
  • 23% make purchases because of the attractive store view and festive decorations that capture their attention;
  • 20% aim to acquire exclusive and seasonal goods during the holidays.

Purchasing stuff can provide buyers with an immediate sense of joy, even before they use the products. The anticipation of finding the perfect product can elevate the mood and give some sense of satisfaction at the finish. It's especially true during the holiday seasons when shopping can lead to the positive experience of spending time. Furthermore, exchanging gifts or purchasing festive items can create a sense of community as people come together to celebrate and share the holiday spirit.

Easter sales growth compared with pre-pandemic ... drivers are consumers … planning to purchase more Easter clothing and gifts.Phil Rist

Shopping during the holiday season helps to separate the day-to-day routine. It allows people to thoroughly engage in the celebratory ambiance atmosphere and enjoy the holiday season to the fullest. Also, it's an excellent opportunity to express their creativity and get a chance to take a break from the usual tasks.

Easter eggs

What decisions should your online store make to prepare for the Easter season?

The TOP Easter products consumers plan to buy include:

  • Candy $3.3 billion;
  • Gifts $3.8 billion;
  • Food $7.3 billion;
  • Clothes $4 billion;
  • Flowers $1.8 billion;
  • Jewelry $1.7 billion;
  • Greeting cards $1.1 billion.

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People painting Easter eggs

Don't assume your business won't be relevant during Easter because your products aren't directly related to the holiday. Take a look at the statistics that indicate the most popular activities on Easter Sunday this year:

  • preparing festive food (56%);
  • visiting family and friends (50%);
  • attending church (43%);
  • planning an Easter egg hunt (34%).

Take advantage of this opportunity to get creative and think outside the box! Feel free of the type of products you offer, as there are always ways to tie them into any holiday celebration. For example, if you sell furniture, consider promoting your garden furniture as the perfect addition to an Easter outdoor gathering. Remember to offer a special discount to encourage your online visitors.

Likewise, even if your online store of cooking devices doesn't specialize in specific provisions for holiday dishes, you can still join in on the festivities by offering discounts on items that would be useful for cooking all the time. Quality and durable kitchen tools are always in high demand.

Furthermore, the tradition of visiting loved ones on Easter provides another excellent opportunity for every online store to be involved. By showcasing your products as thoughtful gifts for friends and family, you can attract customers looking for ways to surprise close ones. So, don't hesitate to open your virtual doors and spread the joy of Easter!

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