The secret to the success of an online store is to know what price the buyer can pay for a particular product. Ecommerce is growing. And people have more and more opportunities to find the best deal on the internet. Therefore, it is important not to frighten a person with the cost of a product or service. But also not to cheapen the product. That's why you need a price tracking.

You can hire an analyst in your company or find a person to outsource. But in any case, human resources are costly. Therefore, if you are the owner of a small or medium business, then it will be more practical to automate it with a unique extension. In this case, you'll get detailed information, save time and material resources as a result.

Price history for Magento 2 will help you with tracking all price changes for each item in your store.

Price_history_module.Mageside_mini1 For example, you want to see detailed information about the dates of purchases, a specific product, old prices, new costs, or about the person who made the change. This information is essential for analytics. With this extension, you can compare the number of product sales, track the number of purchases for a specified period. You have the opportunity to do an easy analysis of the pricing policy of your store. And of course, you can understand how you can get more profit.

The Price history in Magento 2 module is elementary both in installation and in the application. To activate the extension, follow these few steps:

  1. Enter the "Store," choose Configuration.
    • Enabled - to activate the extension Price History, click "Yes."
    • List of Prices Attributes - choose the attribute price list.
  2. Price History Statistics.
  3. To see the price history of a product go to Catalog > Select a Product > in the product settings, you'll see information about the Price History.

    In the Price History table we see :

  • Date - here, you control the time when the price changes were applied.
  • Type - it is the price type of the product.
  • Previous Price - is shown the prior cost of a good.
  • Revised Price -here you are tracking changes, new price.
  • +/- - you can see the difference in the value.
  • Changed by - this field indicates the person who made the change in the cost of the product.

You can also choose the history of commodity price changes on the filter such fields as the date, the previous cost, the revised price, the type of change.


The Price history module in Magento 2 will help you evaluate a new product and set the price of a product following reasonable pricing. It will also save you time and material costs.