Black Friday is the biggest worldwide sale, which usually occurs at the end of November. It is the period from which the Christmas sales begin. It is the most long-awaited event of the fall for all shops and buyers. The idea of "Black Friday" originated in the United States and rapidly spread in the World.

"Black Friday" is a popular trend. It is a day of high sales, which all store owners are preparing for in advance, and which all buyers are looking forward to. This sale day is an excellent opportunity to update the equipment in the house, the wardrobe, and to buy Christmas gifts for friends and family in advance.

Black_friday_mini2_On this day, most stores open earlier and offer their customers the opportunity to purchase products with a phenomenal discount. It is a day of endless queues and millions of sales. Shop owners know that this is a perfect moment to increase their profits significantly. But you should know that a successful sale is a well-planned strategy. To avoid unnecessary stress and to hold high-quality actions, we recommend you to think about everything in advance.

Firstly, let us take a look at the following:

  1. According to statistics, before making a serious purchase, a person takes a long time to compare all the prices and parameters of interesting goods. Knowing about the approaching day of discounts, he tracks the product of interest to him. Therefore, the buyer must find it from you.
  2. Select products for sale in advance, schedule discounts for products in your store.
  3. Consider the worst possible option for your business in case of load pressure on your website during the sale. Or in the situation with the overload of the delivery service.
  4. Take care in advance about the advertising of your store and the upcoming sale with banners, notifications to your customers' follow-ups, as well as posts to social networks.
  5. It is especially beneficial to review abandoned shopping carts and remind them once again about future discounts.
  6. Check the adaptability of your online store for mobile devices.
  7. Consider the feedback and wishes of customers, listen to customer requests.
  8. Use a countdown timer or a limited number of products as a "shortage" tool.
  9. Take care of customer feedback. On the day of discounts, your store will probably be puzzled by customer questions. You must be prepared for active attention, and have the opportunity to communicate with each of the clients.
  10. Give your customers the chance to return the product. It is another way to take care of customers, which they will mark for themselves.

Keep in mind:

Black_Friday_mini1 Preparation for the day of sales should be well thought out. Your business must be adapted, and it may take some time to transform. All these nuances you should consider. The Mageside team offers you a unique designed extensions to promote your business. Consequently, you will not only get ready for one of the sales but strengthen your position in the e-commerce market.

You could use modules to create discount coupons, send messages to customers, create questionnaires, track customer orders, monitor abandoned baskets, easily view and edit pricing policies, etc. Thus, you have the opportunity to improve the store by adding some additional functions that will help you in building and editing your business management strategy.

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