This summer we had quite a busy July. The grand event "X-Challenge" took place on the first day of summer. It is the annual largest team-building charity event in Ukraine, and the scale of popularity of this project is growing each year. This year, our team took part in the "X-Challenge" second time. Participants have to run 5 km of a hard path. It's a tight 5-kilometer race with a terrifying obstacle course and predatory rivals, as well as many other unexpected hurdles.

These tasks seemed unrealistically tricky. Not every person, even with hight physical training, will take this risk. In my head, goosebumps run from my thoughts, and my adrenaline rush increases. Would you like to take part in this struggle for life? We are fortunate to gather a team of programmers, which are also brave fighters, ready to harden on fire for the highest purpose. Usually, our heroes are shy and invisible in real life, but each of them has extraordinary power. When the time of mission comes, they reveal their talents and superpowers.

Meet our incredible team:

And so, this is the biggest man in our squad - Mr. Hulk. Compare, he looks like the same, isn't he? He is our Mr. responsibility, brilliant intellect, unreal physical strength, and besides this, he is the talented developer. This person can create unique products, and at the same time, if circumstances change, he is ready to destroy everything around him. But in real life, he is charming and calm. But we do not advise to disturb him again, just in case.

Cap is our genial developer. And this is our Capitan America (that not in America). This super-soldier is always thoughtful and suspicious, and his eyes can pierce through. As a leading strategist, he can scan human souls while eternally remaining in the shadows, knows everything about everyone, but nobody knows about him. That's why he is the best field commander of all time.

Our Capitan Marvel is mysterious and gentle, but at the same time so fast and unpredictable. She is the highlight and the primary weapon of our team, but also - our project manager. This lady can transform into a wild predator when her team's life on the stake. But at the same time, she can endow people with great opportunities and turn everything around them. Like, transform the energy of people into their superpowers. She is unique, and she is the heart and soul of our super team.

Star-Lord is an exclusive developer and engine of our team. He can create and manage any technology, has extensive knowledge, and a memory chip in his head can recreate all the events from the past. He is very responsive and always ready to help. His secret weapon is knowledge. And we know that the one who owns experience can conquer the whole world.

Deadpool in real life is our resourceful developer and leading commentator of Mageside. He is super talented and a resistant physical fighter. This man has the talent to beat the enemy, who is confused with his knockdown stream of words. Just imagine: for one second, he can tell all the news of the past week happened to him. He is so convincing that even able to persuade the enemy to change these thoughts. This super fighter is capable of full regeneration; he is fearless and mighty. Words are his primary weapon.

We are proud of our heroes! They showed courage, insight, perseverance in achieving the goal and, of course, their superpowers. The entire Mageside team was concerned about the participants and supported them during the most difficult challenges. Thanks to good coordination, team spirit of mutual support and, of course, the unique abilities of our heroes, they took the honorable 7th place among more than 50 participating teams. It is impressive!


Funds raised at this event will go for the purchase of medical equipment for the Cherkasy Regional Children's Hospital.

It is only a small part of our Mageside team. The rest of the guys are still hiding behind screens and monitors. But the time will come, and, of course, we will acquaint everyone with you, because each hero is part of one special Mageside super team.

You can never go wrong when you have a great team to work with.Kubra Sait