Every project should evolve. In other cases, it will be taken down by competitors. Flexibility and adaptation to new conditions is a prerequisite for success in 2020. Magento is confidently stepping forward among the other leaders of the e-commerce platforms. The release of Magento 2 was two years ago, and even now, we have different attitudes to this big step for e-commerce website development.

Huge upgrade

Every review on its update is entitled to exist. This way, reviews set the direction for the Magento company to move even more forward. Of course, to make big serious decisions, the Magento team analyze the reactions received and focus on the majority. As we all know, people are different; some immediately went to explore the novelty in its tools and features. Others become skeptical about new conditions, as they don't like changes in something that already worked pretty good, or they don't fancy to adapt to new rules.

Due to these facts, the new version release made many of Magento 1 users faced with complications from migration to Magento 2, and thus they began to lose its position among competitors. But one thing is undeniable - Magento 2 offering too many improvements to ignore it.

Adapting for improvements is a sensible decision for every business. You won't find the store which regrets. Today we can see that Magento 2 version has been a powerful impetus for the e-commerce world towards the better.

Hard work pays off

Perhaps one of the most common thoughts out there is that Magento 2 is an excessive complex platform. Thanks to these thoughts, e-commerce platforms that represent themselves as more user-friendly are flourishing. They invest in marketing to promote its simplicity and functionality, but, in such a way, can attract only inexperienced businesspeople. The notion that Magento cannot be entirely mastered from A to Z might intimidate. But is it worth to rely on rumors in this any vital matter?

Magento based websites have nearly doubled between March 2017 and August 2018. Nevertheless, every year Magento 2 impresses with its growing user base. Before making any conclusions, you should try to use the platform, and you will see how easy it is to use. The key is to understand its logic, work organization, and structure. There's a manual created by Magento Company for a better understanding of all the needed information.

Magento 2 can only be challenging at the beginning, but when you master it, the business growth will be faster than you expect. Magento 2 is distinguished by its reliability and sturdy base of functionality that will surely surprise you.

Preventing and fast eliminating issues is one of Magento's priorities

Any store platform seeks to the smooth and perfect website response on the client's path. And any failure or delay carries a backfire. For example, it can be a system failure in order processing or product shipping. Next time, customers will quickly choose to buy from anyone else with more friendly service.

Magento 2 is qualitatively different from its previous version with reliability. The changes have made it possible to use the platform around the globe, and thousands of professionals work every day to make the processes as perfect as possible. And, if you have any problems, Mageside developers are always ready to come to your rescue with every difficulty that you may have so that you don't lose any clients.

Last Magento 2 update presents fantastic built-in functionality

The built-in functionality of Magento 2 is truly staggering. We, as a team who works with this platform, love, and fully support the Magento company approach and innovations. Here you won't find VIP features, particular demands for new opportunities, or expensive upgrades. You have the right to use the full base of built-in functions. By the way, Magento platform is the world's only instance of the e-commerce platform that provides all the tools you need to create a simple, but complete web store.

The latest version of Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.3.3 includes enhancements in the security and productivity sectors. Multiple improvements were identified, and several actions are now performed as asynchronous background processes. Due to that, admins can continue working during task processing in the background.

The web store can grow together with business

Choosing your path in e-commerce with Magento 2, you're making a massive contribution to your future. It's natural for businesses to expand. Along with capacity building and human resources, sooner or later, you will need more powerful management tools and capabilities. Along with the unique abilities of Magento 2, you will allow yourself to handle larger scales of inquiries and expand all online shop features in the backend without affecting the frontend.

Well, let's be honest. Most buyers don't care what platform your store is located on and how much effort your team has spent to support it. The visitors need to have the site run fast, user-friendly interface, and as clear as possible product. However, there is another important detail - the interaction with your design and the impression of your brand as a whole. Don't worry about banality. Even if your store is starting from a standard template, you will not be like any other website, because the flexibility and variety of Magento2's capabilities will allow you to go your unique store development path.


The stage of choosing the platform for the store is one of the most responsible in the life of business being online. It's always easy to make a mistake by being under the influence of someone else's opinion. But keep in mind that Magento Community will never leave you alone with the problem. We, at Mageside, are ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Move to Magento2's side!