Product innovation is an entirely new product or a modified version of an old production, which the client perceives as newly appeared. Customers love product innovation. But launching new stuff is always a risk. So, marketers came up with many ways to successfully overcome this problem.

In any supermarket, you can enjoy free samples of products. And in any shopping center, you may always find free perfume samples. Have you ever wondered why this is happening?

There are several stages in the buyer's perception of a new product:

  • awareness - the client has minimal product information;
  • interest - potential buyer would like to know more about the product;
  • evaluation - a person decides to try a sample of it;
  • test - testing of goods and its assessment;
  • perception - the buyer liked it (or not) and now he may use it in his daily life.
  • Marketers strive to ensure that the client immediately finds himself at the last positive stage. To do this, they use samples. Its essence is to give the client a chance to try it and love it.

    Moreover, a person does not spend his own money on it. He receives these goods for nothing. A potential client tries a product, check its quality. What could be better for customers than their own experience? It could be the key to your success. Samples are powerful promotion tools.

    Sampling is a common way to promote sales through the tendency of people to trust their feelings. It is a successful and active instrument for the initial and repeated distribution of the product. Sampling has the highest potential for generating customer value among all methods of sales promotions.

    Once, the beauty brand No frizz decided to test its hair product. Facebook users got free samples. During the promotion, the number of fans of the product increased from 1000 to more than 7000. It is incredible. Do you agree with me?

    Therefore, we see that sampling is the engine of success. Entrust the implementation of this marketing method to professionals. Use unique Product samples.

    PRODUCT SAMPLES Efficiency

    For your business:

  • the loyalty of customers;
  • successful advertising company;
  • smooth launch of a new product;
  • building brand commitment;
  • increase sales;
  • brand popularity;
  • renewed interest in the product.
  • For the buyer:

  • product quality control;
  • brand reliability testing;
  • saving money resources.
  • Also, with our extension, you can safely solve many problems. For example: to expand the number of actual buyers, increase the turnover of goods in your store, earn customer loyalty, sell stale products, introduce innovations to the market, test production popularity and many others. Save your time! Download the extension now.

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