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Community: 2.3.X-2.4.X Enterprise: 2.3.X-2.4.X
Module Version: 1.3.13
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Bulk Prices Updater

Easily manipulate (copy, update, increase, decrease, round) your products prices just by few clicks with the module Bulk Prices Updater.

  • Update thousands of prices by few clicks
  • Price can be decreased or increased
  • Filter products by categories or another attributes
  • Apply percentage or fixed amount changes
  • Apply price rounding
  • Update tier prices

You have hundreds or thousands of products in your store and you are worried about spending much time on changing prices of them. We would like you to offer our module Bulk Prices Updater for Magento 2 that will help you to update the prices of thousands of products just by few clicks. You just need to select the products which needed to be changed. Enhance the native Magento® functionality with our extension's functionality. The prices of the existing products in the store can be increased as well as decreased by administrator needs. Various reasons can cause the changing of product prices. It can be an increase in manufacturing cost of the product or decreased for products from specific category because of a promotional event. Our module Bulk Prices Updater can help you update prices of products in time without any loss for your store. Bulk Prices Updater allows you to apply percentage or fixed amount changes to product prices. Another pleasant option of this extension is that the price of your products can be rounded. Use this option and be sure that your pricelist always looks just right!

Key Features

  • The products can be filtered by categories
  • Use our new feature and filter products by categories.

  • Update thousands of prices by few clicks
  • Using this extension you don’t need anymore to spend so much time updating the prices. Now all you should do is select the products needed to be updated, fill up all necessary setting fields and press the button “Update Process”. That’s all. Now such routine work can be done in a few minutes.

  • Prices can be decreased or increased
  • If you want to decrease the price you just need to enter the value with minus.

  • Apply fixed or percentage type to update the prices
  • In configuration settings you can select the type of updated products.

  • Price rounding
  • You know that sometimes the prices can look odd in your store. For example, the product should be rounded with ending: 0.34, 0.78 etc. With this extension you should just type the ending of the rounded prices.

  • Fully customizable from admin panel
  • Ability to update special price, tier price

If you don't want to spend hours updating the prices of the products, install the extension Bulk Prices Updater and make all necessary updates by few clicks.

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  1. Good


  2. The best bulk price updater out there.
    I'm very pleased with this extension and their support. It's the best one with the best price.


  3. Professional service and outstanding support
    I had an issue with installation (turned out it was a bug in my theme), but support member has given me the best consultation and didn't leave me with that issue alone. I really needed this module before BF.

    Thanks to Mageside!


  4. Great extension.
    My post purchase questions were answered quickly. Easy to set up module


  5. NIce one
    Good module- easy to work with


  6. thumb up
    Nice extension and great company. Pleasant people


  7. Quick response
    I found a bug in the extension and a couple hours later they've fixed it and released a new version. Great work.


  8. Great extension
    Very happy with this extension and service. Well designed and easy to use. A must have for our business.


  9. Excellent Products and AWESOME SUPPORT
    I bought this on Magento connect and the support team at Mageside have been so patient and supportive of me a newby to Magento 2. I would highly recommend them and this extension, which does exactly what it says and more. It is well thought out and takes the tedious task of manually updating pricing and includes rounding. I would buy from them again without a doubt.


Version 1.3.13 Oct 19, 2023

Refactoring Code

Version 1.3.12 Apr 10, 2023

Magento 2.4.6 compatibility checking. Added compatibility PHP 8.2

Version 1.3.11 Mar 13, 2023

Added translation list

Version 1.3.10 May 25, 2022

Added compatibility PHP 8.0 - 8.1 compatibility

Version 1.3.9 Sep 02, 2021

Magento 2.4.3 compatibility checking (updated composer.json)

Version 1.3.8 Oct 13, 2020

Added additional functional compatibility with the Magento cache

Version 1.3.7 Sep 28, 2020

Magento 2.4 compatibility checking (updated composer.json)

Version 1.3.6 Jan 31, 2020

Fixed special price from date, to date locale bug

Version 1.3.5 Dec 12, 2019

Added functional for update Product Custom Option Prices

Version 1.3.4 Feb 04, 2019

Added formatting numbers before applying