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Custom Shipping Price

Apply any shipping price during order creating from admin panel.

  • Apply any shipping price to order
  • Apply any shipping description to order
  • No coding is required to change prices
  • Simple configuration

Custom Shipping Price





It's always good to have more flexibility for processing orders in Magento®. Usually, shipping method choice is restricted by configured shipping methods. We'd like you to offer simple and powerful extension Custom Shipping Price for your Magento® store. This extension will give you an ability to apply any shipping price while creating orders from Magento® Admin. When you use phone order processing, it can be a powerful tool to encourage the customer to complete the purchase by offering free shipping or discount. Or in opposite case you see that will spent extra money on processing delivering then you can add an extra amount to the shipping price. For example, you've got a call from a customer and he/she wants to complete an order with many items. Now you can choose from the list of shipping methods or add custom shipping description and price. It can be either good discount because of good probable profit or extra $10 because of extra expenses on handling. Such extension provides store owners with accurate pricing and allows to keep in touch with customers and react accordingly during order processing.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Any specific knowledge is required to install and use that extension. Everything is very simple and user-friendly.

  • Apply any shipping price to order
  • If it is needed, an admin can apply any shipping price to an order. Some clicks and a discount or extra shipping price will be applied.

  • Apply any shipping description to order
  • Sometimes it is necessary to write a short shipping description to order. It is possible now with the Custom Shipping Price extension.


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  • Nick J.

    Exellent module for non-developer

    As a non-tech person, I really enjoyed how simple this module is.
    Works pretty well, haven't noticed any errors since I install it.
    On May 27, 2022
  • JayJoJay

    Recommend it

    It's s a very good extension and def useful. I recommend!
    On September 24, 2021
  • Sumit

    Magento Developer

    Great Extension

    I've installed this extension and it is working like charm.

    Thank you guys for saving my time!!!
    On June 24, 2020
  • Mark

    No complaints

    Works perfectly well
    On April 12, 2019
  • Misterrmac

    IT/Web Dev Director

    Perfect - Does exactly what it is supposed to.

    Tested on a basic installation of V2.1 and it works perfectly.
    On October 10, 2017