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Module Version: 1.3.4
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Customer Group Permissions

Create a product, attribute, product attribute, payment and shipping permissions for individual customer groups.
  • Restrict the products
  • Restrict the categories
  • Payment Method Permission
  • Shipping Method Permission
  • Wishlist restriction
  • Product Attributes Permission

Effective payment, shipping, and product management are vital for every e-Commerce store. It’s quite important to properly organize all shipping and payment process. In some scenarios, store-owner may want to restrict some content from specific customer groups. Such restrictions can be for shipment methods, payment methods, products, categories. And here it’s quite important to do such a process properly. The extension of Customer Group Permissions will make the permission process easier and understandable. The module enables making shipping and payment permissions for each customer group. Also, you can make the product, category, and product attribute permissions for a customer group. For example, you can restrict some sale products for the retail customers or you can restrict some shipping and payment methods for the wholesale customer group. You can make a wishlist restriction for any customer group. You can specify the restriction behavior, if a restricted customer group clicks on a blocked product or category he will be automatically redirected to the login page or not found page. In case you do category restrictions, you can also restrict parent settings for this category.

Key Features:

  • Restrict the products
  • Every e-Commerce seller has a various set of clients and accordingly different requirements for them. And it can be a situation when a store owner wants to restrict some products for a specific customer group. This extension will allow making necessary product restrictions quickly and properly.

  • Restrict the categories
  • The module allows making category restrictions for customer groups. For example, if an admin wants to restrict the sale category from “Not Logged In” it’s necessary to make only a few clicks and restrictions will be applied.

  • Payment Method Permission
  • Very often store owners want to restrict some payment methods for specific customer group like store owner has some customer group and want to apply restrictions for specific payment methods. With the help of this extension, an admin can make payment restrictions in a few clicks.

  • Shipping Method Permission
  • Usually, carrier companies propose a list of shipping methods to the customers. The extension allows an admin to restrict only unneeded shipping methods instead of blocking all of them. For example, you can make customer restrictions for the Federal Express shipping method.

  • Wishlist restriction
  • In the configuration panel, an admin can restrict the wishlist for a specific customer group. You can restrict adding to the wishlist for customer groups (except guests). An admin can restrict only a concrete group of customers without guests. Magento restricts oneself to add to the wishlist (Magento redirects to the login page).

  • Product Attributes Permission
  • The extension easily helps an admin to restrict product attributes for customer groups.

  • Easy configurable
  • The extension Customer Group Permissions is easy and understandable. It’s no need to have specific knowledge in programming, an admin should make a few clicks to make necessary restrictions.

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  1. Great service
    I've recently installed this and had some installation problems on my part but Julia sorted it for me very quickly.


  2. Good
    it's performing nicely, I can't say anything bad about it.


  3. Love it
    Very easy installation extension and work like a charm


  4. Good administrative module for magento2
    Good module for extension with such features


  5. Support 100% awesome
    Module is nice and the support team was awesomly quick by helping me out with my question. Thanks, Mageside!


Version 1.3.4 Jan 18, 2024

Module file structure optimizations

Version 1.3.3 Jan 18, 2024

Fixed search issues

Version 1.3.2 Nov 08, 2023

Fixed search

Version 1.3.1 Oct 20, 2023

Refactoring Code

Version 1.3.0 Sep 23, 2023

Added compatibility with Elasticsearch

Version 1.2.9 Sep 11, 2023

Fixed product filters

Version 1.2.8 Mar 24, 2023

Magento 2.4.6 compatibility checking. Added compatibility PHP 8.2

Version 1.2.7 Jun 08, 2022

Added compatibility PHP 8.0 - 8.1 compatibility

Version 1.2.6 Aug 30, 2021

Magento 2.4.3 compatibility checking (updated composer.json)

Version 1.2.5 Nov 02, 2020

Updated restrictions for wishlist groups