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Community: 2.2.X-2.3.X Enterprise: 2.2.X-2.3.X
Module Version: 1.1.4
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Express Shop

The Express Shop extension allows you to place all products from your store to one category.

  • Place all products from your store to one category
  • Works with all product types
  • Display default number of products per page
  • Enable the unfolded shopping cart right on the Express Shop page above the list of products
  • Output the information about how much products are in the stock right now

Does your store sell a lot of small items that are used together? Ingredients or parts of some kind? Maybe assemble-it-yourself kits or model making supplies? Most of your customers absolutely need the ability to quickly fill their cart with 10 or 20 items on a regular basis. Search - Wait - Select - Wait - Search - These days are over! Now your customers can see hundreds of products (with options) on a single page, and easily add 30 items to their cart in a minute or two. Be a hero... help your customer fill their order quickly and easily.

Key Features

  • Incredibly fast order creation
  • Now you can have an ultra-compact product list view for your customers. This view is highly configurable and filterable by the customer. It was created to make the add-to-cart process very quick for sites that stock large numbers of regularly reorderable products.

    The order creation process can be so fast, that a number of customers have asked us to create a similar product for the admin side. ;)

  • You can list all products from all categories
  • Depending on your needs you can retain your store’s category structure in the Express Shop or you can drop all products into a single category for the Express Shop only. This usually depends on the number of products in your store, but if you have fewer than 300 products, this can be a lifesaver for your customers.

  • Filters are quick and dynamic
  • Faceted or layered navigation in Magento2 is brilliant for customers that are browsing and don’t know exactly what they need. For customers that know your inventory well and need to order quickly, they need something more. Express Shop has a very advanced single-page dynamic filter system that allows customers to very quickly find the exact products they need. From there it is a quick add-to-cart and update filters for the next item.

  • Express Shop works with all product types
  • All options are available directly from the Express Shop, and it is fast and easy to purchase Bundled, Configurable, Grouped or Virtual products.

  • Powerful Admin Interface
  • All the views, category configuration, and filter fields can be manipulated from the admin interface to perfectly reflect the simplest UX for your customers.

    The extension easily can be turned off or on from the Admin interface.

  • You can have a live shopping cart at the top of the Express Shop page
  • Depending on your needs, you can have a live on page shopping cart at the top of the Express Shop page. Many customers like the ability to quickly add and remove items until a recipe or kit is completed to their specification.

  • Stock status is displayed for all products

    Stock status for all products is prominently displayed, and for products that are almost out of stock, the actual stock number is displayed.

  • Standard Page Navigation or Infinite Load
  • As an administrator you can configure the pages to have standard pagination buttons (prev 1 2 3 next) or feature an "infinite load" type navigation when the customer scrolls to the bottom of the page.

  • No programming skill needed!
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  1. Just perfect!!!
    I was a little bit surprised but this module is sooo good
    Speeded up our purchase path and made our store functionality much more user-friendly


  2. Convenient module
    Very handy for business to add new features to a store. We didn't need to hire a developer as support team was effective.


  3. Good extension
    Very reasonable extension for Magento website. Great availability of the support team.




Version 1.1.4 Dec 10, 2018

Magento 2.2 compatibility checking (updated composer.json)

Version 1.1.3 Oct 23, 2018

Added Magento EE compatibility

Version 1.1.2 Jan 11, 2018

Some fixes

Version 1.1.1 Dec 14, 2017

Some fixes for compatibility with Magento 2.2.1