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Community: 2.1.X-2.4.X Enterprise: 2.1.X-2.4.X
Module Version: 1.2.4
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One Page Checkout PRO

Optimize your customers' checkout experience. Increase conversions and reduce your customer abandonment with a responsive single page checkout for your Magento 2 store.
  • Optimized responsive checkout page for better conversions
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Various shipping and payment methods
  • Customer can log in to the checkout page
  • Gift Message
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Gift Wrap and Message Option
  • Instantly changes to cart items
  • Leaving a feedback

Simplifying the checkout process for the customers is a helpful thing in the e-Commerce business. All over the world thousands of customers want to save their time and have more understandable steps while proceeding to checkout. It’s well-known that good-working checkout page can help the e-Commerce business to increase the conversion rate and reduce checkout time.

We have a great solution that will help the customer to complete the order faster. The extension One Page Checkout increases conversion rate by providing the customers with the quick and simple order process. Now it’s no need to just between checkout steps. All necessary information is gathered in one single page where a customer can fill up addressing and billing information fields, apply a coupon code, choose shipping and payment methods, buy gift wrap, edit the quantity of cart item, subscribe to newsletters, agree to terms and conditions.

Key Features

  • Place Checkout Steps On One Page
  • All checkout steps become visible and now a customer can see what checkout options (such as shipping and payment methods, etc) are available on a website. It’s possible to edit there a billing and shipping information, select a shipping method, add a comment, apply a discount card, write a gift message for the order.

  • Checkout Login
  • A customer can log in or register right on the checkout page.

  • Enable Gift Wrap
  • If a store has wrapping service, Gift Wrap functionality can be enabled. It will allow customers to select an additional wrapping service for extra charge.

  • Gift Message
  • Gift message allows a customer to write a message while completing the order, this option is great when a customer wants to congratulate someone with a beautiful message.

  • Order Comment
  • Sometimes a customer wants to leave additional instructions and remarks to the order. The option “Order Comment” provides this opportunity to stay in touch with a merchant.

  • Apply Discount
  • The customers can apply a discount coupon right on the checkout page. While applying the coupon the page won’t be reloaded, the discount will be counted automatically and discounted immediately in the order.

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and conditions play a critical role in any e-Commerce business. Before placing an order, the customers must read and accept terms and conditions in a pop-up window. Terms and conditions are assigned for protection the website, company, and customers, so an admin need to specify the terms and conditions in clear, understandable and simple words. The store admin can disable this option if it is not required for business.

  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Newsletter subscription option allows the customers to subscribe to the newsletter and be notified of all available promotions and sales. From configuration panel, an admin can configure subscription settings for the checkout page.

  • Supports all Payment methods
  • Extension supports all native Magento 2 Open Source and Magento 2 Commerce payment methods including Paypal, Paypal Pro, Credit Card,, Braintree, Eway, Worldpay, etc. Also, it supports many payment methods from 3rd party providers.

  • Supports all shipping methods
  • Extension supports all native Magento 2 shipping methods including FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, table rates, etc. Also, it supports many shipping methods from 3rd party providers.

  • Full control of product in the shopping cart
  • The customers can change the number of products in the shopping cart or remove them.

  • Powerful Administration
  • An admin can easily configure the extension One Page Checkout.

  • AJAX Updates
  • Information on the checkout page is automatically updated once a customer gives it, no page reloading is needed to update the information.

  • HTML Banner
  • Message banner will help a store to notify a customer about something or leave a thank you message. This option will help an admin to create a unique message and show it above the checkout page.

Pro Feature

  • Leaving a feedback (integrated Review Newsletter extension into checkout)
  • Leaving a feedback is a real helper for e-Commerce business. But sometimes a customer can forget to leave a feedback, so to remind the customer about it an admin can configure feedback settings from configuration panel. Once a customer clicked feedback checkout label, some days later he will receive an email with reminding to leave the feedback.

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  1. I can def recommend it to all my clients
    this module is paying off very quickly! this is one of the essentials I install on clients' eCommerce websites.
    Mageside is a reliable team for the quality of their extensions


  2. Love it, one of the best purchase for my website
    I really love how it works and the communication with the mageside team is a blast (hi, Julia!).
    So useful for e-commerce porpuses, and it defiantly high-up Magento possibilities


  3. Superb add-on
    Great module for creating a single-page condition for our customers to purchase from us. Made a huge difference for us and it's quite easy to navigate and operate. This is the second module from Mageside and it was totally worth it.


  4. One of the best in the market
    It was a great decision to start working with Mageside's modules in the first place.
    One page Checkout free module was great too, but the PRO version had specific features we want to have. Both work as described on the website without any complications for us.


  5. Thanks for awesome features
    Great module with pleasant support team. I like to work with Mageside's modules


  6. The flawless module I've ever installed!
    Great work, Mageside!
    I had too many problems with various extensions recently, but this one is great! and support has answered me in a sec (surprisingly). I love this service level


  7. Worth it
    Totally worth it. This is a must have extension for all Magento stores.
    No issues at all, works flawless


  8. Beneficial module for every online store on Magento
    We have installed many extensions on our online store and these guys have been the best company to work with so far.
    Also, this extension works pretty well and made us more competitive for sure


  9. 100% recommended!
    I had some issues by installing it and the support team has helped me out right away. Works amazing


Version 1.2.3 May 30, 2024

Fixed compatibility issues of the module with other modules

Version 1.2.4 Apr 02, 2024

Fixed issue with selecting the default payment method by Magento.

Version 1.2.2 Mar 26, 2024

Added Magento 2.4.6 compatibility

Version 1.2.1 Dec 08, 2023

Fixed saving new customer address issue

Version 1.1.0 Jan 19, 2022

Added Magento 2.4 support

Version 1.0.17 Apr 01, 2021

Added csp_whitelist

Version 1.0.16 Mar 31, 2021

Improved totals summary output on authentication step. Bugs fixed

Version 1.0.15 Mar 31, 2021

Full screen loader issue fixed

Version 1.0.14 Mar 25, 2021

Added support of Braintree PayPal payment method