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Module Version: 1.1.19
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Products Finder Solution

Display product filters which help the customers find products very quickly and easily. Make it easy for customers to find specific models, colors, components.

  • Display filter in one related category
  • Create limitless number of product finders
  • Unlimited quantity of filters for every product
  • Auto apply and partial search
  • Add related products
  • Import/Export Solution
  • Add related product to the filter right on the product page
  • Remember Customer Selection
  • Show Product Tab with Fitments

It’s without questions that every store owner cares about customers’ comfort. A lot of products have only a few key characteristics, with the help of such characteristics a customer searches the product. It’s quite a good idea to find a product using the advanced search. If you are a Magento® store owner of bikes, it will be simple to search a bike using a year of production, model, color. If you sell clothes, it will be easy to search a product using gender, size, color. It will be a good feature for your site if you want to make your store more user-friendly. So especially for such searching operations, we created the Products Finder Solution. Products Finder Solution will help you to create and apply any filters you want, in any categories. With the help of Products Finder Solution module, you can add unlimited number of product finders.

Key Features:

  • Display filter in one related category
  • In case a filter needed to be displayed in one category, let’s say for shirts, you can display filter only for this category.

  • Create limitless number of product finders
  • You can display different product finders in all categories, for each type of products.

  • Auto apply
  • The Products Finder Solution extension has one excellent option, it’s auto apply. It will work when all finder filters are selected, and the extension will automatically give the search result. In the configuration settings of extension, one can disable the auto apply option.

  • Add related products
  • You can add related products for each filter. The related products will be shown for each filter option. It will be easy when some products match almost every selection.

  • Import/Export Solution
  • The import can be done by such fields as “SKU”, “Product Name” and also by other fields that you have created. During importing the search is running with the total coincidence of identifier (SKU, product name, etc.), and also with partial coincidence (this option will be good when it is necessary to attach products with the common keyword, or symbol in the identifier).

  • Remember Customer Selection
  • After a user initially applies filters, they are saved to cookies. When the user browses other categories with the same finder solution, previously used filters are applied automatically.

  • Show Product Tab with Fitments
  • With the help of this option, you can add a special product tab on the product page with fitments. The table tab will show all fitments according to the filters concerning the product.

  • Apply a Product to all Filters in one click
  • You can apply a product to all filters in one click. Just go to Products panel and on the edit page apply a product to filters with the help of such checkboxes: ALL, ALL RECURSIVE. ALL - selects all filter options in current filter. ALL RECURSIVE - selects all filter options in the CURRENT filter and subfilters RECURSIVE. For example, if you click “All Recursive” in any filter this product will be applied to all filters.

  • Show a filter on any page you want with the help of widget
  • With the help of widget you can display a filter on any page you want. Display it on the category page, product page, main page etc.

  • Configure relations between selectors
  • Filter one or more selectors by changing the value of initial selector. You can configure the selector's activity, the dependent filter will be disabled till the value in the initial selector is not selected. In the absence of obvious relations, the option’s filtering happens with the help of products (the options with common products are shown).

  • Sorting the filters
  • In configuration panel you can sort the filters in any order you want. Also, you can sort the products one by one or according to a couple of selectors.

  • Add related product to the filter right on the product page
  • You can add related products to the filter right from filter settings or you can go to the product’s page and add it right on the product page. Also on the product page, there is an excellent option, you can make the quick creation of necessary options for selectors. It is foreseen in case of selector absence, so now you don’t need to go back to the extension configuration settings and create the option. Do it right on the product page.

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  1. It everything i wanted
    Great job with this module cause it works perfectly well


  2. Great module
    Some time ago, I was in the need of a Magento 2 extension to easily find specific car parts with. We had Excel-sheets that we needed to import, doing it by hand was no option. (We're talking about more than 60K car model/configurations here)

    Rostislav informed me he had just such an extension, but they were still developing it. The built quality of this module looks exceptional to me. Also in terms of functionality: Everything I can think of (at least for the things I need) was possible. If you get used to this product other 'part selector modules' quickly feel simplistic.

    I definitely advise to buy this module when you need to have step-by-step product finder. And did I yet mention the support here is remarkable?


Version 1.1.18 Mar 14, 2024

Fixed rerender filter edit form

Version 1.1.17 Oct 20, 2023

Refactoring Code

Version 1.1.16 May 16, 2023

Magento 2.4.6 compatibility checking. Added compatibility PHP 8.2

Version 1.1.15 Jun 21, 2022

Class 'Zend_Db_Select' is restricted,replacement:\Magento\Framework\DB\Select

Version 1.1.14 Jun 13, 2022

Added compatibility PHP 8.0 - 8.1 compatibility

Version 1.1.13 Oct 20, 2021

Added Magento EE compatibility fitment tab

Version 1.1.12 Oct 11, 2021

Fixed product fitment tab

Version 1.1.11 Oct 30, 2020

Category URL Suffix support

Version 1.1.10 Oct 22, 2020

Code review, removed forbidden methods

Version 1.1.9 Oct 15, 2020

Magento 2.4 support checking (updated composer.json)