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Module Version: 1.3.16
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Recipes and Ingredients

Engage more customers by displaying recipes on your website. Create a recipe, assign products of your store as ingredients of the recipe. Let customer add all the products to the shopping cart with one click.
  • Create unlimited number of recipes
  • Add all products with one click
  • Google rich snippets for recipe pages
  • Recipe homepage and authors pages
  • Recipe filters
  • Leave a review for a recipe by customers
  • Share with your friends
  • Featured Recipes

Good content on your site allows more people to find the website and makes it easier to understand how to use your products. Engaging the customers and the participation in the process is the best solution here. The more involved your customers are, the more devoted they will become. Wish to boost sales on your grocery store? Then a good solution for you is to involve the customers in the process. It is, therefore, we want to make it possible for you and created a new cutting-edge extension “Recipes and Ingredients”. The extension will help you motivate your customers to buy more with ready “cross-sell” and “up-sell” solution. The module “Recipes and Ingredients” allows you to write a recipe and display it on your website. Write a unique and delicious recipe using all module preferences. What are these preferences? You can assign products and ingredients that have the recipe, create the filters for the recipes or write reviews. The extension has an excellent option as adding all ingredients right to the shopping cart in one click. Also under the recipe, you can show the products that are used in the recipe.

Key Features:

  • Create a Unique Recipe
  • With the help of this module, you are able to create a unique recipe. In the configuration panel, you can configure all recipe settings: upload a picture or video of a recipe; write a description; specify to which filters the recipe belongs to. Specify the cooking and preparation time, add ingredients specifying the URL of product from the store, add methods of cooking, assign products from your store that are in your recipe.

  • Add All Products
  • Add all products right to the shopping cart with one click. No more searching for each product separately.

  • Google Rich Snippets
  • Well structured data that marking up the content, allow Google better to understand its context for display in Search, and you get the better circulation of your content to users from Search. Luckily this module has a function of enabling Google Rich Snippets, the instrument of checking the structured data.

  • Recipe Filters
  • Add filters to your recipe as many as you need to. Moreover, while adding options to your filter you can upload an image of the option. For example, in case you want to filter the products which are gluten-free, you can upload a unique and specialized image to let know the customers for sure. Also, filters allow you to avoid confusion of customers by letting them know what allergens and ingredients are used in the recipe. And less confusion means fewer deserted shopping carts and fewer disappointed customers.

  • Add Reviews
  • You can add a review to the recipe and assign this review to the customer you want. Also, on the recipe page, any customer can add a review of the recipe.

  • Grocery List
  • One more cool feature for you is assigning the products that are used in recipes. If a customer wants to make a recipe and doesn’t have the ingredients, he can buy it from your store. It’s so excellent marketing strategy.

  • Share With Your Friends
  • The extension “Recipes and Ingredients” has also an excellent option for sharing the recipe with your friends on such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. It’s amazing opportunity for your store to attract more customers and that comes with good sales on your store.

  • Search Recipes by Keyword
  • This feature allows the customer to find a necessary recipe just in a split second. Just type a necessary keyword, for example, “Pasta” and the recipe will be shown to you.

  • Featured Recipes
  • The extension Recipes and Ingredients allows to add a recipe to the featured list. An admin needs to create a widget to show the featured recipes on the page.

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  1. This is amazing!!
    Impressive functionality! I'm glad I've found you cause it helped me to build my own business slightly change the previous concept. And now it worked like a charm!


  2. Great for family grocery stores
    If you want to extend the functionality of a basic store this module is perfect to you. Also, support is great.
    None of us know coding or anything, but working with extension turned out to be quite easy (with the help of free Mageside's support at the beginning, in our case :)


  3. Supreme quality
    It honestly is the best module I've tried. No issues were found, the features are excellently implemented. Great job!


  4. It rocks!
    It definitely adds value to our online store and we saw direct sales growth from having this extension. Thanks Mageside!


  5. Awesome!
    Tons of features have this extension! Love it! And the support is fast and amazing!


  6. Recommended
    Works perfectly well. Amazing idea and great execution.


  7. amazing module
    If you are looking for something that can really add meaning to your grocery store and your business, this is it! Also, I've asked for installation support and it was a great help. The customization and usefulness are beyond expected.


Version 1.3.16 Oct 19, 2023

Refactoring Code

Version 1.3.15 Apr 06, 2023

Magento 2.4.6 compatibility checking. Added compatibility PHP 8.2

Version 1.3.14 Feb 17, 2023

Sorting by position updated logic

Version 1.3.13 Feb 13, 2023

Fixed sorting ingredients and methods by position

Version 1.3.12 Jan 10, 2023

Added recaptcha for review form

Version 1.3.11 Sep 20, 2022

Fixed injection attack

Version 1.3.10 Jul 17, 2022

Fixed datepicker js

Version 1.3.9 Jun 02, 2022

Convert install/upgrade schema and data scripts to the data patch format

Version 1.3.8 May 21, 2022

Added compatibility PHP 8.0 - 8.1 compatibility

Version 1.3.7 May 20, 2022

Fixed store filter for widget on product page