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Shipping Matrix Rates

Optimize your shipping experience. Mageside’s Shipping Matrix Rates provides every order with easy, fast, and perfectly calculated shipping options.

  • No coding is required to change prices, add rates
  • Set special Magento® shipping rates for a certain group of products, customer group
  • Zip-code based filtering
  • Rates calculation based on a number of criteria
  • Make additional shipping price calculations
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Shipping Matrix Rates

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A surprising 40% of online shoppers end up walking away from the average checkout page without completing their order. Studies show that business owners can win back at least a third of those customers by simply optimizing the shipping experience. Mageside’s Shipping Matrix Rates provides every order with easy, fast, and perfectly calculated shipping options. Give a great first impression, a satisfying return visit, and ensure future loyalty by providing an enjoyable shopping experience. Don’t let a single customer walk away disappointed! Your Magento® store is not complete without Mageside’s Shipping Matrix Rates.

Key Features:

  • Create rates from multiple product criteria
  • Define precise shipping rate ranges from destination country, state/region, product weight, price, quantity, product group, customer group or even custom post calculation parameters to calculate final shipping prices. Need to ship any number of products of a certain type that are over $125.00 total (after discounts) for $7.15? Well, now you can, and you don’t need to write a line of code to do it.

  • Use product or customer groups to define shipping rates
  • Product shipping groups can be set using the shipping group attribute. For instance, one of our clients has some items that must be palletized and shipped as freight. These items use the Magento product shipping group attribute option value, freight. Only the freight type shipping option is shown for these items in checkout. Customer groups are a built in Magento feature of which Shipping Matrix Rates takes advantage. Each customer group can be used to map a set of static rates. For example, one of our clients uses Shipping Matrix Rates to eliminate all shipping fees for pick-up customers and to set delivery fees by zip code within the local delivery area.

  • Filter by Post Code
  • Create shipping rates based on post code filtering. You can use value ranges, simple pattern matching, and actual value lists. For example, if you want to specify a price that applies to all postcodes within the range 93221-98880 just create a row with this range in the CSV file and all changes will be applied. Many non-numeric post codes can also be filtered. Post code ranges for Canada or the Netherlands and similar (e.g. from AB2 to AB12) are also supported.

  • Use detailed or exclusive requirements to create rates
  • With Shipping Matrix Rates you can create a huge array of rate variants. For example, you have products located in New Jersey and you need to send the products to US and Canada. Of course, the shipping rates vary by destination, but you need them to vary by destination, weight, and price, crossed with volume based free shipping. Now you can accomplish all this in a single CSV file, as opposed to the ridiculous mishmash of extensions many have to use to accomplish the same task.

  • Display multiple postage rates per order
  • For an exact destination with weight, price, quantity and custom options, multiple rates can be provided to reflect different shippers or ETA’s, etc.

  • Simplify your administrative work
  • The Shipping Matrix Rates extension is a powerful solution that will allow an administrator to define every possible custom shipping rate for automated display to Magento store customers. Let's suppose, that you want to offer UPS and Parcelforce with different prices to the US and Europe. Although extensions from UPS and Parcelforce can create simply automated rates, they are limited to simple shipping approaches. Shipping Matrix Rates allows you to place all required data in a single CSV file for upload in module config. Change and update as often as you like, create rates based on hundreds of combinations and even custom calculations. It's all in your hands now.

  • No coding required
  • The Shipping Matrix Rates extension allows you to change prices or add rates using a single CSV file. You don't need to have the specific coding knowledge to change or add rates. Specify one country by name, or all countries using an asterisk. Shipping Matrix Rates allows a single CSV file to create and control rates by weight, quantity, price, product group or customer group.


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  • Jeremy 786H


    Not bad for precise calculation, we actually loved it. Easy installation. Have spoken to the support department about one little but annoying thing and it was a pleasant interaction with them. Helped me in a sec.
    On September 24, 2021
  • Frank89

    Definitely recommend

    the support team is very responsive and would help you resolve the issues quite quickly.
    I ran into one problem with an installation and couldn't figure out what was wrong. I emailed them and after just a few emails, we resolved it. Thank u, Julia for the help!
    On September 21, 2021
  • Tony

    Excellent extension and support

    Does what it says on the tin and prompt support.
    On March 23, 2021
  • developerMagento2

    Thanks for the quick support response

    I had a question about integration with existing modules on my project and mageside responded super quickly, very nice people to work with
    On March 17, 2021
  • Rafael

    Quick & Good support, Perfect Extension for Needs

    The native shipping methods in Magento are not enough to meet our shipping needs, but this module is the perfect remedy. You can check qty, price, and weight simultaneously when deciding available shipping, and can even use calculations in the module to meet even more niche needs. The support is also quick and efficient. 100% satisfied with the purchase.
    On September 17, 2020